CHRIS DEERIN: Amid calls for Tony Blair’s head, will we learn any lessons from the Chilcot report?

More from Chris Deerin for the Daily Mail… The blue triumph and humbling of the SNP: CHRIS DEERIN says Sturgeon must up her game or be out on her ear as Davidson’s triumph means ‘Tory’ is no longer a dirty word in Scotland 09/06/17 Believe it or not, the Tories could grab Scottish seats: CHRIS […]

Writers and critics on the best books of 2013

Ian Rankin Kate Atkinson’s Life After Life (Doubleday) is her most challenging, complex and compelling novel yet. A woman has the chance to live life over and over again in often surprising ways. No Booker listing: no justice. Louise Doughty’s Apple Tree Yard (Faber) is ostensibly a courtroom drama that asks how its sensible, intelligent […]

Kobe Bryant has left this earth — but his life lessons linger

Second, he had an all-consuming desire to win. You can’t lead by losing. Bryant took no prisoners — basketball was a zero-sum game for him. This was especially true in the second half of his career, when he rose above a pursuit of individual glory to emphasize team victory. And when his teammates’ play would […]

Trump set to unveil controversial Middle East plan alongside Netanyahu

The plan’s release follows more than a year of unprecedented political uncertainty in Israel — including two elections that failed to produce a governing coalition — that have repeatedly delayed the rollout. Ultimately, Trump administration officials decided to release their proposal ahead of the latest Israeli election, quietly hoping that the proposal could unite Netanyahu […]

Trump hosts Netanyahu, Gantz ahead of peace plan unveiling

A history of the Middle East peace process Washington, 2010 In 2010, US Middle East Envoy George Mitchell convinced Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to agree to and implement a ten-month moratorium on settlements in disputed territories. Later, Netanyahu and Abbas agreed to relaunch direct negotiations to resolve all issues. Negotiations began in Washington in […]

Progressive Jewish Groups Dismiss Trump’s Middle East Peace Plan As ‘Utterly Bankrupt’ and a ‘Sham’

Under Trump’s plan, Palestinians would be offered statehood with a capital in East Jerusalem where, the president promised, the U.S. would build an embassy. While Trump said the plan would more than double territory under Palestinian control and allow for billions in investment, it would also allow for Israel’s government to maintain control over Israeli […]

Israel Opposition Leader Calls Trump Mideast Peace Plan ‘Historic Milestone’

The Palestinian leadership has, however, called on the Arab countries’ envoys to not partake in the announcement ceremony of the US-mediated Israeli-Palestinian “deal of the century” peace plan. The Palestinian leadership will also hold an emergency meeting to formulate a response to the forthcoming US Middle East peace plan. Palestinians became skeptical about the US […]

Watch live: Trump delivers remarks with Netanyahu on Mideast peace plan

Foreign policy analysts have suggested Trump’s peace plan — three years in the making and unveiled during his own impeachment trial and while Netanyahu battles charges of corruption — is a backdrop for an ally before Israeli voters head to the polls.

KL Rahul, Shreyas Iyer’s good show against New Zealand comes in for praise from coach Vikram Rathour

Hamilton (New Zealand): KL Rahul and Shreyas Iyer have played a crucial role in India’s win over New Zealand in the first two T20 Internationals at the Eden Park in Auckland on Friday (January 24, 2020) and Sunday (January 26). While Shreyas Iyer was named the man of the match in the first T20I, it […]

Palestinians, settlers mobilise against Trump peace plan

Israeli army ´ready´ Trump´s administration has already recognised Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights, which the Jewish state captured from Syria in the Six-Day War of 1967 and stopped referring to the West Bank as “occupied” territory.