Simon Armitage plans national ‘headquarters’ for poetry in Leeds

“Poetry is one of our most ancient and proudest artistic endeavours, steeped in tradition, history and ritual. It’s also undergoing an incredible renaissance, particularly in relation to new generations of writers and performers across diverse backgrounds who have found in poetry a way of articulating their concerns and expressing their feelings,” he said.

Illustrator Adrija Ghosh on her new book, ‘Rats Bigger Than Cats’

Written in playful verse and illustrated in mixed media, the story is of two unlikely groups coming together. One of the main points that Adrija had to keep in mind while illustrating was the size of the rats and making sure that they were, in fact, bigger than the cats. “That was a very important […]

CBSE 2019: English is easy as ABC if you’re not careless

Yogeeta Khanna, a Government Model Senior Secondary School (GMSSS), Sector 16, says, “the reading section in the examination is very important. For a good score, go through the questions thoroughly before you read the passage. Once you do this reading the passage will automatically guide you to the answers.”

A road trip to Mexico’s secret, surreal jungle garden

The main attraction is La Peña, the Peak, a solid rock formed by volcanic eruption and said to be the world’s tallest monolith. It towers 1,200 feet above the 400-year-old town. It is taller than but similar to better-known formations such as the Rock of Gibraltar and Sugarloaf in Rio de Janeiro.

Camila María Concepción Dies: ‘Gentefied’ Writer And Trans Latina Advocate Was 28

I’ve been trying to avoid writing this post all day. Late last night the Gentefied family learned that we lost one of the brightest souls, not only on this show, but that I’ve ever met in my life. I’ve been trying my hardest to numb the hurt by focusing on the show and all the […]

The First Time: SZA

In college, SZA embraced a new passion, marine biology, and says she would still drop her music career to work in the field (she even noted that she nearly applied to be an assistant for acclaimed wildlife photographer Paul Nicklen). “I know that the ocean is changing in a rapid, permanent way,” SZA says. “I […]

Old Spice Smells Like a Billion Bucks

To help inspire a similar passion for Ever Clear in other consumers, Keith will turn to her partners at the ad firm Wieden + Kennedy, which created the successful campaign playing up Old Spice’s “experience.” The new strategy, explains Mark Fitzloff, an exec-utive creative director at the agency, is an irreverent spin on the kind […]

‘The Roads Not Taken’: Film Review

What has he lost on the way to such a tragic state? Was he artistic? Funny? A good father? Potter withholds those details, and there are no clues to be found in Bardem’s black-hole performance, which stings us with its watery-eyed woe. Doctors, cops and strangers discuss his condition as if Leo were not in […]