Companies are just now starting to figure out remote work

Council said company leaders need to be very aware of the high potential for disconnection among employees. “Many of the leaders have leveraged proximity, versus really thinking about how they lead, how they engage, how they create a culture, and how they maintain a culture,” she said. Council pointed out that with the pandemic and […]

These are the new rules for the future of the planet

Audrey Choi: We have to make sure it’s not just a conversation for the chief marketing officer or the chief sustainability officer, and that it’s not only about brand. The consumer-facing brands have woken up to that—they don’t want to see their brand in the stomach of a whale in National Geographic. But further up […]

WFH has left workers feeling abandoned. So they’re making their own plans for the future instead

What’s more: there seems to be consensus that employers have not gone far enough in supporting their workforce. Less than a quarter of employees in the US and Europe received guidance from their employer on working remotely on topics ranging from tips on new ways to work, to data security best practices.

Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman Ride Into the Future on Electric Harleys in ‘Long Way Up’

It’s bare-bones travel, unscripted and with a straightforward premise—to keep riding into the unknown and to plug in along the way. Two old friends riding through otherworldly landscapes that look straight out of Star Wars on electric bikes made just for them—OK, maybe there is a bit of star power involved. But the journey is […]

10 next-generation leaders on leadership

Barbara Humpton: Probably the most notable thing that I experienced [with] this change is the incredible need for empathy. I’ve been talking in our organization about having three major qualities: the old-school IQ, we’ve got to know our stuff, we’ve got to be technically capable. There’s EQ, this empathetic, emotional quotient that keeps us connected […]

Here are the new rules of leadership

Leslie Blodgett: Taking a risk in how we use language—bold, risky language. I think we’re seeing that people are trying to take that leap. What is an inspiring way to talk about “new business”? We’re already getting there, with “EQ” and “empathy” and “trust.” Those are those values we have as humans. How do we […]

How to build a more human workplace

Jeff Titterton: I have to admit I actually have a lot of fear that we are not going to make progress. I have that fear because I’ve been around the block enough and been in America my whole life; I’ve been in tech my whole career. We’ve seen some gross inequities within the industry, and […]

How to educate the next workforce

In this roundtable discussion led by editorial director Jill Bernstein, top executives discussed Educating the Next Workforce. Participants were (in alphabetical order) Ana Bakshi, director of the Oxford Foundry at the University of Oxford; Rachel Carlson, CEO and cofounder of Guild Education; Abby Falik, CEO and founder of Global Citizen Year; Laura Ipsen, CEO of […]

These are the best cheap gaming PC deals for October 2020

Are Cheap Gaming PCs Good For Work? It’s safe to say that running modern video games at good settings is generally a much more demanding job than most work tasks you’d normally need a computer for, so any gaming computer — even a cheap gaming PC — will be as well-suited for work and study […]

These are the new rules of capitalism

Andrew King: My background is basically sports and esports . . . and when you’re dealing with 12-, 13-, 14-year-olds, it’s a very different mindset. What you see as the leading edge is really catering to an audience that isn’t there yet. There is a lot that, ethically, we have to get our heads around, […]