Salesforce bolsters with helpdesk, productivity, messaging tools

With the new features to, Salesforce is shifting more to the new normal for work with a focus on employee wellbeing, productivity and self-service amid remote work. launched during the COVID-19 pandemic to help enterprises manage rapid changes and business continuity.

Citrix CEO Henshall: There’s broad realization that future of work is hybrid

Henshall added that employee experiences are also becoming critical and enterprises are mixing vendors in the cloud. For instance, Henshall said one customer is streaming applications out of Amazon Web Services and using elements of multi-user desktops at Microsoft. Citrix’s software manages the orchestration.

Microsoft employees can work from home (or anywhere) forever

Microsoft has reportedly announced that it is allowing its employees to work from home permanently. As per a report by The Verge, Microsoft has sent an “internal guidance” to its employees explaining that they can either opt for work from home for “less than 50% of their working week” or can even get approvals from […]

Microsoft develops a portable, box-shaped data center to bring the cloud to remote areas

“The MDC can give customers a path to migrate apps to Azure while still running these workloads on-premises with low-latency connections to their own datacenter,” writes Microsoft’s Bill Karagounis in a blog post. “This provides a stepping stone for transforming workloads to the Azure API with the option of continuing to run these apps on-premises, […]

Giants: Contacts of Will Hernandez back to work Friday

If those nine people were deemed high risk contacts, they would have been prohibited from returning for five days and Monday’s game against the Buccaneers would be in jeopardy since the Giants would not have eight offensive linemen to dress for the game.

Olivier Awards 2020: Stars’ work celebrated as majority of theatres remain closed

More from London Wandsworth stabbing: 15-year-old boy dies in hospital after street fight Man held on suspicion of drug-driving after baby dies in northwest London crash Black History Month: What it was like for Sislin Fay Allen, Britain’s first black policewoman Coronavirus: Arrests as police officers injured at anti-lockdown protests in central London Couple found […]

Calling all entrepreneurs: It’s time to build an innovation engine for the virtual era

We must invent and adopt new tools and methods—for generative brainstorming, evaluation and decision-making, visual thinking and exploration, flowcharting, and systems diagramming—that distributed teams can use that don’t merely mimic the effect of teams working together more casually in an office but that are perhaps even more effective at eliciting brilliance and “aha” moments. We […]

COVID-19: Working from home remains best approach, says CWG’s Head of HR

“Activating our work-from-home strategy ensured that our staff remains productive through collaborative platforms and specialized training on managing customers remotely. This approach has worked for us and is still working. A recent customer survey showed that our Net Promoter Score Index has significantly improved since the pandemic. With constant improvement in our business continuity program, […]

Cloudflare says in 10 years cybersecurity work like a ‘water filtration system’

Why it matters: The coronavirus pandemic has changed the landscape when it comes to the workplace. More people are working from home, some permanently, which creates a precarious cybersecurity situation. As more employees are moved out of the corporate office, more attack vectors have opened up to cybercriminals. A new way of protecting these networks […]

NHS contact-tracing app upgrade is more likely to warn users to self-isolate

Phones that are fitted with the app regularly generate random, anonymous IDs that are exchanged via Bluetooth whenever two devices that have downloaded the app come into prolonged contact. If someone later tests positive for Covid-19, they have the option to submit their results to the app, which in turn triggers alerts to contacts deemed […]