Citrix CEO Henshall: There’s broad realization that future of work is hybrid

Henshall added that employee experiences are also becoming critical and enterprises are mixing vendors in the cloud. For instance, Henshall said one customer is streaming applications out of Amazon Web Services and using elements of multi-user desktops at Microsoft. Citrix’s software manages the orchestration.

Tesla spells out future with new Model Y medium SUV

It’s basically a Model 3 sedan blended with the larger Model X SUV: the compact exterior dimensions of the former and the ovoid profile of the latter, liberating interior space large enough for an optional seven-seat cabin layout.

Microsoft develops a portable, box-shaped data center to bring the cloud to remote areas

MDCs are now available for use with “defense and private sector organizations.” On the off chance that you happen to be a decision-maker at such an organization, you can contact the company to find out more information on how you might go about getting your hands on one of the units.

NHS contact-tracing app upgrade is more likely to warn users to self-isolate

Digital transformation 3 ways SMBs use machine learning to power digital transformation Overnight digital transformation: Welcome to the year 2025, 60 months early Digital transformation: Legacy technology, lack of skills, and funding are holding back NHS plans After the remote working rush, here comes the CIO’s next challenge ​What is digital transformation? Everything you need […]

Salesforce rolls out video tools, other products for sales reps in the COVID era

In addition to Salesforce Meetings, Salesforce is introducing an expanded version of  Einstein Call Coaching with features aimed at video call coaching. Einstein Call Coaching uses speech recognition and natural language processing to analyze call recordings, helping sales teams and managers spot trends in calls — such as whether competitors are getting mentioned more often. […]

What is Apple TV?

Apps and compatibility Apple TV supports more than 50 different apps and channels that you can load onto the device and sign into to watch your favorite content on your TV. That includes traditional streaming favorites like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, HBO, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, and so on. It also includes smaller network channels like […]

Microsoft, Cisco, and Zoom are now ‘The Big Three’ for video

The survey,The Next Phase of Remote Work: Managing UC and Workspaces in the Next Phase of the Pandemic, was carried out in July and polled respondents who work for organizations with more than 1,000 employees. All manage, oversee, or advise UC, technology budget, and/or facilities planning or management for their company.

Everything announced at Adobe Max 2020: Creative Cloud gets collaborative, Illustrator for iPad, and more

Adobe’s Max 2020 conference also lands amid the remote work trend due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Mala Sharma, vice president and general manager of Creative Cloud, cited a bevy of stats from the State of Creativity 2020 report where 82% of creatives said processes have forever changed and 83% said it is more important than […]

Cloud computing vs. edge computing

Advantage three: security and privacyAs more people are working away from the office there is an increase in data being accessed remotely. Increased incidences of remote access give cyber criminals a greater opportunity to access company data and misuse the information within. With edge computing, data is filtered and processed locally, rather than sending it […]

S.F. is facing its worst fiscal crisis in decades. Here’s the city’s 41-point plan for recovery

The fee deferral requires Board of Supervisors approval and could be controversial. Some supervisors have pushed for higher fees. Based on previous deferral programs, 85% of impact fees would be delayed from the first building permit issued to when a building receives its certificate of occupancy, which allows it to open. The average deferral period […]