Book World: A timeless fairy tale about humanity

When the novel begins, Bea and her family – daughter Agnes and husband Glen, who is not Agnes’ father – have been living as nomads in the Wilderness State for three years, as part of a pilot program to study how humans interact with nature. In the world of the novel, which Cook hints is […]

Literary world overwhelmed by 600 books to be published on one day

And yet recent months have also intensified long overdue conversations about representation in publishing, and the need for radically overhauling both the systems and sensibilities that dictate who and what ends up in bookshops. Covid-19 has not created an arena in which writers of colour, working-class writers and writers living with disabilities have been marginalised […]

Stephenie Meyer announces new Twilight book Midnight Sun

When the manuscript of Midnight Sun made its way illegally on to the internet in 2008, Meyer called it “a huge violation of my rights as an author, not to mention me as a human being”. She made a fragment available to read from her website, but put the project on hold indefinitely, saying that […]

Ring of Steel: Germany and Austria-Hungary at War, 1914-1918 review – a well argued, important book

The German decision to launch unrestricted submarine warfare in 1917 – which seems mad today, because it forced president Woodrow Wilson to enter a war he wanted to keep out of – was based on the flawed calculation that if Britain could be denied wheat imports for five months she would be forced out of […]

The best book club

The Christmas launch of The New York Trilogy was a high-point of the mid-Eighties literary boom. I have never seen a book take off as Auster’s did. Reprint followed reprint. Remembering it now brings back so many other memories of those years in Queen Square: Ted Hughes consulting an astrologer over the appropriate publication date […]

Courageous coronavirus scientist who has defected to the US reveals how she fled her home and family to tell the world the truth about China’s cover-up before she became another of the disappeared

Details of how she secretly collated evidence in her laboratory at night, then finally even abandoned her husband to flee abroad when she learned the security net was tightening, make her story sounds like a movie thriller. She fears the disease may have been created on purpose, linked to ‘reckless’ experiments on bat coronaviruses carried […]

Guinness Book Fails to Register Russia’s Parachute Record Over Sanctions on State

“The invited experts of the Guinness Book of World Records captured the record, but refused to officially register it due to the sanctions against Russia,” the press service said. The day after the parachute jump and all the formal procedures, representatives of the Guinness Book sent a letter to Technodinamika, in which they said that […]

Kuwait relaxes book censorship laws after banning thousands of titles

But Khonaini said: “The freedom of expression is already restricted in Kuwait on multiple levels. This law doesn’t fix it. The amendment shifts the power of censorship away from the executive branch to the judicial branch. We still need to work on the prohibition section in the law, which needs a stronger political lobby and […]

Pence Says WHO ‘Let the World Down’ Over Coronavirus as U.S. Pulls Out

“The World Health Organization let the world down by not informing the United States and the wider world about this pandemic as it began in China, giving the world ill-fated advice in January and February. There have to be consequences for this.”

Malala is starting her book club this October

Activist, Nobel Laureate and author Malala Yousafzai is an inspiration to many young girls and women across the world. And now, after graduating from Oxford University in June this year, the young author is all set to start her digital book club in October 2020. Malala’s upcoming book club is aptly called ‘Fearless’ and it […]