Biggest books of autumn 2020: what to read in a very busy year

Esteemed librarian Richard Ovenden’s Burning the Books: A History of Knowledge Under Attack (John Murray) began life as an article in which he deplored the destruction of the official Windrush records. It journeys from ancient Mesopotamia to Nazi bonfires and the deletion of Trump’s tweets, identifying repositories of knowledge destroyed by those who set out […]

When is Teachers’ Day 2020? History, Significance, Facts, Celebration and all you need to know

Teachers’ Day Facts: – Teachers’ Day is celebrated worldwide for the contribution of teachers to the society. – World Teachers’ Day is celebrated on October 5, but Teachers’ Day is celebrated on different dates in different countries. – The celebration in different countries is correlated to eminent personalities or achievements and milestones in the domain […]

Uighur Muslim teacher tells of forced sterilisation in Xinjiang

Initially he spent a week every three months in their home, but later this increased to a week every month. There have been reports of Han “relatives” in Uighur homes forcing female hosts to share beds, and sexually assaulting them, particularly when men were in camps.

Teachers Day 2020: Movies to watch on re-learning, innovating and evolving

This film will compel you to begin questioning the concept of right and wrong, your faith in systems advocated by upbringing and way of life, and the death of preconceived concepts. The film resonates with our time because we are learning how the old order hath changed and it has made way to the new. […]

Text books and face masks, Europe’s children return to school

In Germany, where schools have been reopening since early August, the proportion of coronavirus cases among Under 20s has remained stable. In Sweden, keeping schools open through the pandemic did not lead to higher infection rates among students compared with neighboring Finland, where schools temporarily closed.

Yasar Kemal’s disappearing world of stories

Kemal describes his immersion in western literature as “the most wonderful piece of good luck”. But his imagination has stayed loyal to his own family’s history, and to the Cukurova of his childhood. Its hero a sort of Anatolian Robin Hood, his bestselling Mehmet, My Hawk was partially inspired by stories he heard from bandits […]

The healing power of books and libraries

What we learned is that there is no book or author that you can say with certainty is going to help with a particular issue such as depression or anxiety. People’s responses to the same poem, story or author are as varied as human beings are. What is needed is a wide variety of books […]

Librarian who put books behind Boris Johnson says message was for school

The librarian said that at the time of her departure in February, the school library “wasn’t really used as a library anymore” but being requisitioned as a classroom or a “dumping ground” instead. “I was getting absolutely no support, I was just in there on my own with up to 90 kids running riot. It […]

Teachers’ Day 2020: Importance, Significance, And History Of Teachers’ Day

World Teachers’ Day is celebrated on October 5, but every country celebrates the day on different dates. In India, September 5 is marked as Teachers’ Day as it’s the birthday of a highly-respected teacher, philosopher and prolific statesman, Dr Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan. Dr Radhakrishnan said that “teachers should be the best minds in the country.”

Ecuadorian husband, 110, and wife, 104, are named the world’s oldest married couple – eight decades after their families disapproved of their wedding

‘It is true that at this time it is difficult because we are overwhelmed by the pandemic that affects the world and we still do not have a solution. However, the first step for us to follow the rules with respect and love the life.’