Shibani Dandekar’s Wikipedia page vandalised after criticizing Ankita Lokhande; called a ‘gold digger’

The WiKipedia page of actress Shibani Dandekar, who is strongly supporting her friend Rhea Chakraborty, was vandalised after she criticized Ankita Lohande on social media. Her page was edited on Thursday evening and it was changed with derogatory statements. She was called a ‘gold digger scumbag’ and her career was changed to ‘flop’. It was […]

Shibani Dandekar’s Wikipedia Page Vandalized After Her War Of Words With Ankita Lokhande

Later, in an interview with India Today, Shibani slammed those who called Rhea ‘gold-digger’ and said, “Of course, why wouldn’t people say that? Where is this money that she’s stolen? Please tell me. Where are these 15 crores that she has stolen? Have we found it yet? I mean, you know, it’s just so easy […]

Shibani Dandekar’s Wikipedia page vandalised after her criticism of Ankita Lokhande

Shibani had written: “This woman clearly wants her 2 seconds of fame and has capitalised on Rhea being targeted because she has had never dealt with her own relationship issues with Sushant.. she has been the driving force behind this and she needs to be called out!”

The Wikipedia War That Shows How Ugly This Election Will Be

There’s a weird echo of recent history here. In the 2008 election cycle and during his two terms as president, Barack Obama faced repeated false claims—most prominently advanced by Donald Trump—that he was not a real American, that his origin story was a fraud, that he was somehow a foreigner infiltrating the American body politic. […]

Wikipedia Bosses Propose ‘Code of Conduct’ Advancing Left-wing Identity Politics

Most concerning for some was the code of conduct stating it would not only be enforced by members of the community, but also the Wikimedia Foundation itself. One user stated in response: “If the [Foundation] starts throwing around bolts from the blue for violating this policy . . . there’s going to be drama. That’s […]

NZ tourism’s Wikipedia problem: Fox Glacier page dominated by deaths, rural NZ non-existent

Dickison said Wikipedia could not be used as a marketing tool for businesses, but tourism operators could use online travel guidebook Wikivoyage and image library Wikimedia Commons for free, saving them thousands on their own website that would not have the same reach.

Sunday Drive: Jaguar I-Pace SE

Obviously these studies look at the company as a whole and Jaguar makes other vehicles aside from I-Pace, some dating back to the mid-2010s. As for the new kid on the block, a quick look online for what early adopters are saying shows good things. Quality seems to keep well and the technologically advanced bits […]

Review: In ‘Irresistible,’ Stewart aims at a familiar enemy

So what else is new, you may ask? And what about, you know, everything else that’s happened the last few years? Stewart’s enduring influence is a double-edged sword here: Too many folks have been waiting to find out what he makes of what’s going on today, and they’ll likely be disappointed not to find out […]

Premier League 20-21: Brewster, Gordon can be breakout stars

EBERECHI EZE (Crystal Palace playmaker, 22) One of the stars of the second-tier Championship last season, Eze was always likely to be leaving Queens Park Rangers in the offseason. It was just a matter of which club from a number of mostly London-based suitors would sign the winger whose turn of pace, quick feet and […]

Happy birthday Akshay Kumar: When Twinkle Khanna threatened to not have a second child, other lesser-known facts about their marriage

Twinkle has a rather pragmatic approach to marriage. She said on Koffee With Karan that since the primary reason for wanting to get married was procreation, one needed to be sure of the genetic strain being introduced into one’s own family line. This is why she would constantly ask Akshay about how his extended family […]