New Yu-Gi-Oh Sevens Anime Debuts to Stellar Reviews

As you can see below, fans seem to enjoy this new take on Yu-Gi-Oh. It has the energy of a kid’s show and does not take itself too seriously. While some miss the old aesthetic of Yu-Gi-Oh, this bright take is more approachable to newcomers, and even longtime fans are curious to see where Goha […]

African swine fever outbreak reported in western Poland

The spread of ASF on pig farms and in wild boars in western Poland is a concern for Germany, Europe’s top pork producer with approximately 26 million pigs. Germany is also the EU’s second largest pork exporter to non-EU markets, after Spain. Most German exports go to China, South Korea and Japan. Should any of […]

Italian passenger jet is ‘held’ after arriving in Mauritius as authorities ‘demand all on board are quarantined or fly straight back’ amid concerns over coronavirus which has killed SIX in the country… while UK insists ‘threat to British public is low’

A police officer wearing a protective face mask stands next to a masked carnival reveller at Venice Carnival, with the last two days, as well as Sunday night’s festivities, cancelled because of coronavirus. As Italy recorded three deaths, the director general of the World Health Organisation Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus spoke of a narrowing ‘window of opportunity.’

Shocking video shows tourists feeding caged tigers with FISHING POLES at a Chinese zoo

Viral video emerged on Monday shows a group of tourists – some are children – leaning against a balcony while swinging their fishing poles attached with raw meat to attract the tigers on the ground. It remains unknown when the video was filmed

Three More Cubs Born at National Zoo

“The reality is that there are many risks associated with newborn cubs,” said Craig Saffoe, interim curator of the zoo’s Great Cats Exhibit. “One of the greatest risks is that the new mother will reject her cubs and not care for them, but we are encouraged by how naturally both of our female lions seem […]

Poaching, not coronavirus, is the bigger threat, says tiger expert

On the reported spurt in poaching due to lockdown, Conservator of Forests T. Balachandra who is also the Director of Bandipur Tiger Reserve said there was no known case of poaching in protected areas where fire guards supplemented the field staff. The one reported from Bandipur took place in an adjoining reserve forest. This being […]

Sanity, stability and stress-relief: why our beloved pets have never been more important

But this leads to another, equally important question. Will our pets thrive emotionally? Or will they get sick of us being around them so much? We will need to get better at spotting indicators of pet stress, says vet and animal scientist Sean McCormack. “In dogs, signs of stress include aimless pacing, licking the skin […]

Southern Resident Killer Whale Population Drops to 73 as 3 Orcas Are Presumed Dead

“We are saddened to report that three adult killer whales (orca) are missing and presumed dead as of July 1, 2019,” the center explained in a release on Tuesday. “These whales are from the extremely endangered Southern Resident killer whale population, that historically frequent the Salish Sea almost daily in summer months.”

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Cosplay Highlights Giorno’s Swagger

Instagram Cosplayer A_Smile_And_A_Song shared their amazing interpretation of Giorno, seemingly ripping the character straight from the pages of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure’s manga and bringing him to life in a way that seems perfect for the world of cosplay:

Professor Josh Davis answers your questions on the fight against COVID-19

A. Unfortunately an effective drug will not remove the need for ongoing pubic health restrictions. The drug will be useful to decrease severe disease and death in those who are infected. A vaccine is needed to increase immunity in the population, and thus allow a relaxation of public health interventions. It’s currently unknown why some […]