From ozone layer healing to animals on the streets, here is how nature is healing during lockdown

— Jugal Narain Singh (@JugalNarain) 1585452536000 Ozone layer healing The sudden drop in pollution levels across the globe has led to a positive effect on the ozone layer. With less vehicles on roads and people being vigilant about their activities, the ozone layer has finally got some breathing space. A scientific paper, published in Nature, […]

Wild goats invade Welsh town of Llandudno as residents stay home to avoid coronavirus

The animals, who normally roam free on a nearby headland jutting out into the Irish Sea, have taken advantage of streets left empty due to coronavirus measures and wandered into the Welsh town, spending the past three days feasting on garden hedges and flowers.

BBC America Is Airing a Ton of Calming Nature Documentaries

While the Wonderstruck expansion was prompted by current events, the decision to do so was likely made easier by the fact that the Saturday initiative has been doing well in the ratings. Per Nielsen, BBCA’s Saturday prime-time ratings have grown 74 percent since November (to 305,000 viewers, including DVR replays) compared to the previous three […]

My anxious mind needs games like Animal Crossing: New Horizons and The Sims now more than ever

I have anxiety. What my parents and teachers believed was an irritating combination of hyperactivity and precociousness when I was 6-years-old morphed into a fear of flying, death, and abandonment by age 15. In high school, our annual pilgrimage south to temporarily escape winter in New York led to months of me visualizing our flight […]

Giants’ Gabe Kapler playing popular video game to help stay in managerial shape

With Major League Baseball on hiatus, Giants manager Gabe Kapler and his staff are using a cornucopia of technologies to stay on top of the game and keep players as ready as they can be, including videos, statistical tools, video games, virtual-meeting sites and …

Virgin Media gives free children’s TV shows to customers until April 21 as youngsters stay at home amid school closures and coronavirus lockdown

The National Institutes of Health in the US, and Baylor University in Waco, Texas, say they are working on a vaccine based on what they know about coronaviruses in general, using information from the SARS outbreak. But this may take a year or more to develop, according to Pharmaceutical Technology.

10 Blockbuster Movies Still Scheduled to Be Released This Summer

In the open-world video game Free City, an amalgamation of Grand Theft Auto and Fortnite, Guy is a non-player character (NPC) working as a bank teller. Thanks to a code developed by programmers Milly and Keys inserted into Free City by the publisher Antoine, Guy becomes aware of his world being a video game, and […]

How ‘The Invisible Man’ Made A $29M Appearance For Universal & Blumhouse – Sunday Final

thumb rank film dis. screens (chg) friday(vs. pv fri) 3-day tl wk 1 Invisible Man Uni/Blum 3,610 $9.9M $26M-$27M $26M-$27M 1 2 Sonic Par 4,177 (-21) $3.5M (-44%) $15.2M (-42%) $127.5M 3 3 Call of the Wild Dis/20th 3,865 (+113) $3.3M (-58%) $12.8M (-48%) $45.4M 2 4 My Hero Academia… FUN 1,260 $1.8M $5.5M $8.8M […]

Fun… at the double! In this final special guide to shows to watch at home during the lockdown, a round-up of the best family entertainment on demand

CBBC’s super-charged revival of the classic cartoon boasts the urbane tones of Alexander Armstrong as the heroic mouse, Kevin Eldon as his hamster sidekick Penfold and a steady stream of well-timed gags and blockbuster action. If you want to compare it with the more sedate 1980s original, that’s on Netflix. Two series 

18 Things You Learn Following Katy Perry Around

She’s not into fame.“I never wanted to be famous. That’s a byproduct of what I do. Fame is truly a byproduct of the dream that I had. People want to be recognized for their work, but nobody wants to be famous for nothing. Fame is, I think, disgusting. And it’s really hard to separate your […]