UK government gets green light to use personal data from citizens’ mobile phones to help fight coronavirus – but privacy experts brand the move ‘extremely concerning’ and warn it could lead to invasive surveillance

The National Institutes of Health in the US, and Baylor University in Waco, Texas, say they are working on a vaccine based on what they know about coronaviruses in general, using information from the SARS outbreak. But this may take a year or more to develop, according to Pharmaceutical Technology.

Puppy chomps through £1,500 worth of clothing and furniture — including two sofas

Despite his naughty phase she added: “I love all my dogs. The dog needs to know it’s wrong or it might carry on doing it forever. I’m spending time making him sit and praising his good behaviour.”

Secret Europe escapes: where locals go on holiday

I left the end of the Earth to study and work in Paris, where I met my wife, who is Australian, and we’ve travelled all over the place. Now we live in Nice, south-east France, and for 15 years I never thought about going back to Brittany, but then a few years ago my wife […]

Sifting Beirut’s rubble for bodies: Over 100 people are killed and thousands hurt after ‘welder’ sparks warehouse fire that ignited 2,700 tons of highly explosive chemicals ‘seized from a ship’ causing 3 kiloton blast – a fifth the size of Hiroshima bomb

Ammonium nitrate: the fertilizer behind many industrial accidents Ammonium nitrate, which Lebanese authorities have said was the cause of the Beirut blast, is an odorless crystalline substance commonly used as a fertilizer that has been the cause of numerous industrial explosions over the decades.

Delingpole: We Need a Kingslayer to Deal with the Mad Monarch Boris

The reason people are increasingly taking to the streets — as they did at yesterday’s London protest march — and flouting government mask regulations is not that they are selfish, irresponsible, and careless of the lives of others. It’s that they believe there is no conclusive scientific evidence masks are having an effect; the pandemic […]

An American Uprising in Second World War England by Kate Werran – review

It’s a subtle story. As Werran points out, African American troops had in some ways more in common with war-deprived, rural British communities than the more entitled white American GIs, with their expectation of mod cons and their condescension towards warm beer. At the same time, one should resist the temptation to celebrate that black […]