Alabama man finds alligator swimming in his backyard pool

McCulland told the news station he had no idea how the alligator got into his backyard Friday, but he’ll double-checking now before he enters the pool. The reptile eventually retreated to McCulland’s fence line, and a wildlife agent removed it.

New look caravan parks and campsites have ‘wildlife social distancing corridors’

She said: “You have to have this two metres of distance so we came up with the idea that you just leave two metres unmown because that gives the visual indication of space that some people can’t imagine.

Mission Viejo: Update On Jeronimo Open Space Coyote-Human Encounter

Mission Viejo Animal Services is dedicated to serving our community and promoting healthy animal-human interactions. On Saturday, July 25, we shared information about a situation that included two encounters with our local coyote population. While both incidents were minor in nature, we still take such incidents seriously and are currently working with the California Department […]

Mission Viejo: Update #2 On Coyote-Human Encounter And Reopening Of Trail At Jeronimo Open Space

Mission Viejo Animal Services (MVAS) responded to two coyote-biting incidents on July 25 and reported the incident to California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) as is part of wildlife management efforts. MVAS worked in coordination with CDFW in closing the trail and notifying residents of the closure.

Donald Trump Signs Major Funding Bill for National Parks Maintenance

“The natural beauty and majesty of our parks and public lands are more valuable now than ever, especially during the current pandemic when they offer respite for so many families and the ability to be outside safely,” she said.

India’s coronavirus cases surge past half a million with another record jump of 18,552 infections and 384 new deaths in 24 hours

‘One of our residents lost his life just because he couldn’t get a bed in time. Then we thought we should do something at our level,’ said Lokesh Munjal, the head of a west Delhi housing society.

David and Victoria Beckham to make controversial change at their Cotswolds home

According to plans submitted by the couple, the lake will have a surface area of 2,976 square metres and maximum depth of four metres. The design statement says the lake will “will function as a wind barrier and habitat, as well as enhancing the privacy of the house”. They also say it will “improve the […]

Mother’s touch for three-day old pup: Seal gives her baby a kiss and a reassuring pat on a windswept Scottish beach

But the bond will soon be broken. In a few weeks, when it loses its cuddly white coat, the pup will be abandoned by its mother and sent off to fend for itself.

Two foresters suspended, probe ordered as Mukundra Hill losses half of its tigers in a fortnight

Mukundra Hills was declared a tiger reserve in 2013 with portions of wildlife sanctuaries of Kota, Bundi, Jhalawar and Chittorgarh. It is spread across 759 square kilometre area and is now left with two adults tigers and four cubs. Of the four cubs, one is missing and another has been admitted to Kota zoo in […]