This startup says it will be 3D-printing entire houses within a year

According to Ruben, Mighty Buildings will be producing fully printed structures for customers within a year. Initially, these units will be created using a hybrid approach that is part 3D-printed and part traditional construction. However, once the “understandably conservative nature of building officials” is overcome through some neat demonstrations, Ruben said the startup will begin […]

Europe’s biggest 3D printer helps create an entire two-story house

While Ascione refers to the structure as a house, he notes that the term isn’t altogether accurate. The building, which is almost 980 square feet, is actually “not intended for residential purpose.” However, “we call it ‘house’ because it has the typical dimensions of a residential dwelling.” In fact, it’s being used as more of […]

Bulgarian PM to quit if parliament backs plan to change constitution

The Bulgarian prime minister said on Friday he would resign if parliament approved his plans to call elections for a grand national assembly to change the constitution.

Modi Government Eyes ‘Modern’ Makeover for Jammu & Kashmir One Year After Change of Special Status

The projects are being developed under the name “naya” (new) Srinagar and “naya” Jammu. The plan was envisaged by the first Prime Minister of Jammu and Kashmir Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah in the 1940s. The plan to develop rural Kashmir was under the government’s manifesto, later rolled out as “Naya Kashmir” or “new” Kashmir.

Museum and arts centre where British colonialist Cecil Rhodes was born is changing its name after Black Lives Matter protests

‘The Commission will deal with the issue of the Rhodes legacy and how to improve access and attendance of BAME undergraduate, graduate students and faculty, together with a review of how the college’s 21st Century commitment to diversity can sit more easily with its past.’ 

McKinsey: 8-13 per cent of Asia GDP to be at risk from climate change by 2025

In the high-emissions Representative Concentration Pathway (RCPs) 8.5 scenario considered in the report, climate science predicts significant temperature increases across Asia and conditions of rising heat and humidity in many parts of the continent. More than 75 per cent of global capital stock that could be damaged from riverine flooding in a given year is […]

World Environment Day 2020: Theme of the year ‘Celebrate Biodiversity’

World Environment Day is celebrated every year on June 5. The United Nation celebrates the World Environment Day to stimulate awareness worldwide toward environment and hence enhances political attention and action. Basically the world environment is organized not only to create awareness but also suggest ways how to improve our mother Earth’s health such as […]

Amy Grant makes ‘miraculous recovery’ after open heart surgery: ‘Prayer changes everything’

‘I felt like I got into that runners block and as soon as it was time for the race to start there was this massive West Texas wind at my back… just pushing me through. Even stuff I was really scared about felt like nothing more than just a deep breath and something supernatural pushed […]

Bulgaria’s PM says he will resign if deputies agree to change constitution

SOFIA (Reuters) – Bulgaria’s Prime Minister Boyko Borissov said on Friday he would resign if parliament approves his plans to call elections for a grand national assembly to change the constitution.

How times are changing in Havana

The one area where she would welcome change though is in teachers’ salaries, currently around $30 a month. Under Cuba’s complicated dual currency system, her wage is paid in local Cuban pesos. As such, her purchasing power is well below that of those earning money in the country’s hard currency, the ‘convertible peso’ or CUC.