Axel Scheffler: the Gruffalo wouldn’t exist without UK in EU

“The Gruffalo, if it had happened at all, would have been an entirely different beast. No doubt Julia would have written the text, but, assuming that it was taken on by a publisher, it wouldn’t have been illustrated by me … And without the success of The Gruffalo there might not have been all the […]

Brexit would negatively affect lives of millions, official UK report says

She also suggests Cameron’s fraught renegotiation with his European partners may have diminished Britain in the eyes of other countries. “Two weeks ago, as European leaders were forced to break off from discussing the refugee crisis, one of the most pressing issues of our times, in order to negotiate the taper rate at which the […]

Labour MPs, remove Corbyn now. Change UK failed to transform politics – it’s your turn

It feels like some time ago, but for one short period back in the spring, it looked as though the formation of the Independent Group might just catalyse the unravelling of both parties of government. As one of the key instigators of the plan, I can tell you there was only one real metric of […]

UK: Anti-Brexit ‘Centrist’ Replaces Far-Left Corbyn as Labour Leader

Ministers have been on the back foot in recent days, however, over the lack of testing for coronavirus and the protection equipment for healthcare staff.

Starmer’s in-tray: Five challenges facing new Labour leader

Labour’s plans for a big public spending increase, criticised by their opponents as extravagant, appear puny alongside the government’s coronavirus response. But with the country effectively on a war footing, with potentially wartime levels of debt, a new approach, and new thinking, will be needed.

The Tories’ call to ‘protect the NHS’ is a disgraceful hypocrisy

The slogan has made staying at home purely about self-interest rather than solidarity and our common humanity. But we are bigger and better than that. However much we love the NHS, however much we want to protect the NHS, we are staying at home to save lives – not to safeguard our national assets. If […]

Flybe stewardess breaks down in tears after airline ‘made her & colleagues redundant via email’ as collapse sparks chaos

She had flown to the West Midlands for her PHD interview at University of Warwick last night – but received a text message just this morning telling her that the return flight would no longer be going ahead.

Australia’s new warning and death toll as Donald Trump issues new mask warning

“So once again I’m telling you the seriousness of the problem and that you must listen. My orders to the police and military … If there is trouble and there’s an occasion that they fight back and your lives are in danger, shoot them dead,” Mr Duterte said.

US accused of seizing face mask shipments bound for Europe, Canada

Coronavirus: Timeline of the global spread of COVID-19 More than a million On April 2nd the Johns Hopkins University announced on Thursday that there were more than a million confirmed coronavirus cases around the world. The US is the most affected with three times the number than China, where the virus emerged in December. Over […]