Michelle Keegan caught in her dressing gown as sister-in-law Jess Wright asks her to be her bridesmaid in sweet video

“When rules were slightly lifted, I felt this was the best way of telling my nearest & dearest, that I would love them to be my bridesmaids 💐 Yes there are a lot 🙉 however, I have a lot of best friends, cousins, & sisters!”

Mark Wright reveals baby name he and Michelle Keegan have chosen for daughter

Robbie was touched and thrilled by the idea, even revealing that he actually “stole” the name from Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards’ daughter. “Absolutely!” he exclaimed. “Listen, who was it, it was Keith Richards has a daughter called Theodora and I remember back in the day, maybe 20 years ago, thinking what a beautiful name. […]

Michelle Keegan gets emotional as she’s given special role in Jessica Wright’s wedding

“I’m on my way to deliver my bridesmaids a poem and a balloon flower to ask them to be my bridesmaid because I can’t get them all together to ask them,” she explained. “Originally my plan was to do a big dinner and have everyone there and surprise them with these flowers as their place […]

Michelle Keegan addresses speculation about when she will have a baby

“A few years ago it didn’t bother me and I answered the question, but now I think, ‘I don’t need to answer that because nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors.’ I remember when I finished Our Girl, people were like, ‘Is it because you’re going off to have a baby?’”

Feel like you’re at death’s door? Dr Coffin will see you now… A tennis star called Court, a plumber named Tapp – and now Britain’s top gardener is Keith Weed! Why names linked to professions are no coincidence

These are all true examples of people with appropriate names — along with Usain Bolt, of course, who just happens to be the fastest man ever to have run 100 metres; William Wordsworth, arguably our greatest poet; Margaret Court, the Australian tennis player from the 1960s and 70s; and, one of my favourites, Bruno Fromage, […]