Aid for developing nations at a time of pandemic

In summary, the increasing pressure on the meagre health facilities in developing countries will pose a considerable challenge to policymakers. Lack of medical facilities along with distortionary trade policies for the import of medical supplies and equipment is likely to add to the exacerbating challenge.

Covid-19: Economic opportunities and challenges | Opinion

The economic impact on India needs to be assessed by what some Harvard economists call the “shape of the shock” and it’s “structural legacy”. These will depend on the nature and extent of the disease burden, resources deployed/diverted for treatment/care/ vaccine, the trajectory of the pandemic, the collateral damage to sectors, state of the pre-crisis […]

Ha Noi’s economic growth might fall to 5.35% this year due to COVID-19

About 6,350 companies were established in the city in this year’s first quarter with total registered capital of VND103 trillion ($4.4 billion), 1 per cent higher in term of quantity and 98 per cent higher in term of capital value compared with last year’s first quarter.

Hà Nội’s economic growth might fall to 5.35% this year due to COVID-19

At the meeting, director of the city’s Planning and Investment Department Nguyễn Mạnh Quyền said the city maintained positive economic growth in the first quarter – 3.72 per cent in gross regional domestic product (GRDP). The rate in the same period last year was 6.95 per cent.

Rajan urges government to invite experts to deal with economic impact of COVID-19

Former RBI governor Raghuram Rajan has suggested to the government to call people with proven expertise and capabilities, including from opposition parties, to deal with perhaps the greatest emergency being faced by the country since Independence following the coronavirus outbreak. He also cautioned that driving everything from the Prime Minister’s Office, with the same overworked […]

Hand Sanitiser: Risks Associated With Too Much Use Of It

The harsh chemical or antimicrobial agents in sanitiser may give burning sensation or cause itching on the skin. Excessive use of it can dry out the upper layer of the skin, causing it to peel. It may make your skin sensitivity to UV rays and cause sunburn. Triclosan can get deep inside your skin and […]

Researchers develop device that can ‘hear’ your internal voice

The AlterEgo device managed an average of 92% transcription accuracy in a 10-person trial with about 15 minutes of customising to each person. That’s several percentage points below the 95%-plus accuracy rate that Google’s voice transcription service is capable of using a traditional microphone, but Kapur says the system will improve in accuracy over time. […]

Governor nixes Wisconsin’s Tuesday primary

**Want FOX News Halftime Report in your inbox every day? Sign up here.**On the roster: Governor nixes Wisconsin’s Tuesday primary - Trump may tap econ team to mirror virus squad - Fired I.G. says it was Trump’s retribution - Biden says he’ll be the masked candidate - A wild fire, indeedGOVERNOR NIXES WISCONSIN’S TUESDAY PRIMARYMilwaukee Journal-Sentinel: “In a historic move less than […]

Wisconsin mayors push for primary election postponement amid coronavirus outbreak

The Democratic governor initially joined Republican leaders in seeking to hold the primary as planned, but he now favors an all-mail election with absentee voting well into May. Republicans maintain that Tuesday’s in-person voting should go on as planned.

The post-Covid economic order

The welfare State is back. This is the most significant transformation in decades in global economic policymaking. To be sure, the welfare element of State policy — even in the most developed capitalist democracies — never faded entirely. But the dominant wisdom was that the State should stick to its core function of provision of […]