Everything we know about The Elder Scrolls 6: release date, news, exclusivity and more

Elder Scrolls 6 release date – when is it coming out? Watch the trailer for Elder Scrolls 6 Has any gameplay been released? Elder Scrolls 6 recent rumours and news updates Is it exclusive to Xbox? Possible setting/map Skyrim Grandma is an NPC in it Job listings could hint to development stage A brand new […]

Call of Duty: Warzone will let you choose to play with a Black Ops Cold War loadout or a Modern Warfare loadout from December

“Now players of course can continue to use their Modern Warfare content in Warzone once Black Ops launches. And as a result, one cool feature that players will see is that they’ll be able to choose either their Black Ops loadout or their Modern Warfare loadouts in Warzone for their gameplay. And this is just […]

Ostranauts is a hugely ambitious space game, but I think it’s going to work

I get the sense it’s quite frustrating. And it would be hard enough, if Fedor was just working on one game. But Ostranauts feels more like a compilation of games, all working together. Some are arguably minigames, like the initially baffling reactor control panels, or the docking alignments when boarding with derelicts or stations. Others […]

Infinity Ward will finally remedy Modern Warfare’s huge install size in next PC update

— Call of Duty News (@charlieINTEL) October 12, 2020 Now though, it looks like PC players will be able to do the same as Paul Haile, Modern Warfare’s Production Director tweeted that mode-specific uninstall options will be rolled out for the game’s PC version. The fix, included in Patch 1.28, is expected to arrive today […]

My work-life boundary is totally eviscerated—but it’s also what’s kept me sane

That’s because without that commute/mental transition period, I am granted an opportunity to pivot my focus the moment I step away from my cramped home-office nook. I have no choice, since 10 seconds after I get off Zoom, I’ll find myself helping to line up a Matchbox car parade, grating cheese over that night’s spaghetti, […]

This is the skill you must cultivate to make good decisions in a crisis

These questions continue into the emergency room. Just as an EMT shouldn’t rush into a gun fight to treat patients, situational awareness is crucial for doctors. Dr. Dylan Carney, a former classmate who’s now an emergency physician in San Francisco, noted how treating patients in the era of COVID-19 is “the equivalent of thousands of […]

Why companies based on gig work are hurting more than their employees

Of course, any business has to keep an eye on the bottom line, but the damage done from rider injuries and safety lawsuits gives pause—financial pause, especially with potential liabilities tied up. But also pause because if you are hurting your customers, it’s not great for your brand. Investing in worker safety and well-being is […]

I worked undercover at a cheese shop while writing a book about cheese. Here’s what happened

There is a lot more to being a monger, though, than just reading info off of a card and eating cheese with new pals. You have to know exactly how the cheese is supposed to taste, so you can determine whether the batch this customer might be buying is consistent with the standard. You have […]

Could Happy the elephant help make pets history? A New York court is set to decide whether a local zoo must free a prize exhibit. If it does, says TOM LEONARD, there are fears farm animals and even dogs and cats may be next

In the latest round of action, Steven Wise is appealing against a February judgment following a court hearing in which he tried to compare Happy’s case with that of James Stewart, an American slave who managed to secure his freedom while in England after sympathisers filed a Writ of Habeas Corpus on his behalf.

Mukesh Khanna Feels #MeToo Movement Is A Result Of Women Leaving Kitchen To Work Outside The House

(Men and women are made differently. A woman’s job is to look after the house, forgive me for saying this at times. The MeToo problem began when women started going to work. Today, women talk about being equal to men. People talk about women’s liberation but all that’s the core of all the issues. The […]