Dedham Public Library Updates

The library has added Creativebug as a database which offers access to thousands of videos and tutorials related to arts, crafts, DIYs, cooking, and is now available from home. Use your library card and start searching millions of National Archives records today.Program videos are shared on the DPL Facebook page everyday; programs range from […]

Seed libraries sow more than good will

This is a way to get free seed, true enough, but there are more reasons to participate. It’s a way to increase use of heirloom and other open-pollinated varieties in a world in which hybrids and seed patents limit seed saving. Also, when the seed you get was donated from a nearby garden, it is […]

Woodlands cancels special bus service to Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo

The cancellation of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo as well as The Woodlands special bus service raised questions about other large public events on the immediate calendar in the township, notably Arts in the Park, which is scheduled for Saturday, March 14, as well as the wildly popular The Waterway Arts Festival that draws […]

Woodlands officially postpones incorporation efforts; no vote planned in 2020

“Certainly, I don’t think anyone has been through anything like this. But, what we’ve tried to do all along is walk alongside you and be in a position to make modifications as things go along,” Novak said. “I think we can work with your staff to keep the model up to date and work with […]

Woodlands to start ‘Help Our Heroes’ PPE donation program amid coronavirus

“Dr. Shelley had brought the issue up and asked how we could help and collect some of these supplies,” Norrell added. “We thought we could add on to what Montgomery County is doing. They will collect these materials and then take to Conroe to the Montgomery County emergency warehouse, and there they will be distributed […]

Woodlands officials urge extra caution with trash disposal

“Following waste guidelines is very important for trash, avoiding dangerous issue like avoiding truck fires is first and foremost. Those fires can endanger lives of the truck operators. They most often result in destroying the truck itself, and those things are…they are major capital investments. The loads need to be dumped on to the street […]

Sunday Conversation: The Woodlands Arts Council Executive Director Mike Bass

Initially we’ve always been known for our Waterway Arts Festival that we hold every April. It’s one of the top festivals in the nation. Typically we’ll have somewhere between 225 to 250 artists. We’ll have 16,000 to 18,000 attendees, so it’s a pretty well-known and a high quality cultural arts show. When you put on […]

Chris Packham loses High Court bid to stop the clearing of ancient woodlands for the HS2 rail project

WHAT ARE THE PROPOSALS FOR A 1,000-MILE UK HIGH-SPEED RAIL NETWORK? A report by Surrey-based think tank Greengauge 21, titled Beyond HS2, said boosting national productivity should be the guiding priority for re-designing the rail network.

Woodlands officials: 15 firefighters in quarantine; no positive COVID-19 tests

“I went out to all the stations and all the shifts the past three days and everybody is handling this pretty well. It is more stressful for them on their home lives. So, we are making sure they are doing OK but that they also have their families being taken care of as well,” Buck […]

Botanical library celebrates 45th anniversary in Golden Gate Park

In Oakland, a nonprofit known as the Plant Exchange has been helping gardeners for 10 years. Their plant exchanges are free, volunteer-staffed events to which people bring unwanted plants and other garden supplies, as well as books, and take home what others have left. In the past couple of years, activities have included fundraising sales […]