‘Tyranny Over History And Public Memory’: A Historian Explains The Impact Of Mob Destruction Of Statues

“Puritanism has a dangerous tendency to eventually eat its own. Do I like Washington’s slaveholding? No. Do I want to purge society of his influence and legacy? Also no. If  statues with Confederate ties were taken down because of their identification with a cause a majority of US citizens considered rightly or wrongly as treasonous, […]

Runa Mackay obituary

After retirement in 1985, Runa went back to Edinburgh University to take a degree in Arabic and Islamic studies, graduating in 1990. In her holidays she started working for Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) including in refugee camps in Lebanon, especially Qasmiyeh camp, and in a small children’s hospital in Hebron.

The UK’s exam results farce only deepens the inequality between private and state pupils

Independent schools, meanwhile, don’t measure value added at all, because independent primaries don’t always sit SATs in year six. It would have been perfectly possible to add that as a reference point to these calculations, and consider not only how many As to Cs a school got over the past three years, but also how […]

French city tells shoppers: wear masks outside or pay fine

LILLE, France (Reuters) – French Prime Minister Jean Castex urged people not to let down their guard in the fight against COVID-19 on Monday, the day one of France’s biggest cities ordered people to wear masks outdoors in busy pedestrian streets.

Why History matters: Need for the reinstatement of its study in Nigerian schools

To really understand what the “nation” means, a recourse must be made to the study of history, through which a consciousness will be developed about being part of that entity and sharing in its past and present, and hoping to contribute to the development of its future. History, therefore, is the determinant of nationhood. Building […]

Witch hunts: A global problem in the 21st century

Africa’s exiled ‘witches’ Rejected One woman is made responsible for the fact that her nephew died of a snake bite. Another is accused of making someone else’s child sick. In Ghana, allegations of witchcraft are common. They’re a way for families to get rid of women who are no longer of use to them or […]

‘Monumental temple complex’ dating back to Iron Age discovered, researchers confirm

“Excavation in the 1960s uncovered one of the most spectacular series of buildings of any region of prehistoric Europe, including a series of figure-of-8 buildings of the Early Iron Age and a 40m timber-ringed structure constructed c.95 BC,” study co-author Dr. Patrick Gleeson said in a statement. “Upon the latter’s construction, it was immediately filled […]

The whys of death by suicide

Around the same time as Rajput’s passing, a young client, Ms. Lakshmi (de-identified), who was accessing mental health services, also died by suicide. As she lay in hospital, she hoped she would be saved. She said she had taken a “drastic” step that she now regretted, as she felt “frustrated” by frequent interpersonal conflicts with […]

John Leguizamo’s Journey to ‘Bloodline,’ His Favorite Show About ‘Crazy White People’

He’s got the boundless energy of a kindergartener on a sugar high, the intuitiveness of a sociological scholar, and the wily deviousness of a self-effacing, self-described narcissist tempered with the warmth and bleeding heart of a devoted family man. And at 51, he hasn’t lost a lick of the unkempt sex appeal that first caught […]

The elevation Church’s quintessential response to a Pandemic

Godman Akinlabi, the Lead Pastor of the TEC stressed that one of the central principles of the church is to better lives of individuals both from a spiritual and physical standpoint. In a recent media statement highlighting its humanitarian deeds during the pandemic, Akinlabi stated: “From our E200 programme designed to support the most financially […]