‘War on cancer’ metaphors may do harm, research shows

“You feel like you’re letting people down if you can’t manage permanent positivity or you have an emotionally wobbly day. It’s not constructive or helpful when you’re focusing on getting through the day-to-day living of a cancer diagnosis and treatment schedule. I prefer clear, factual language, so I describe myself as “living” with incurable cancer. […]

The history of Windows: How the OS has changed over time

Just because Windows 11 may not happen, though, that doesn’t mean Windows’ long tradition of reinvention and innovation has to come to an end. Windows, especially in recent years, has become more than just a desktop OS. Take, for instance, Windows Core OS. The future of the Windows OS brand may lie with Core OS, […]

‘Black Panther’ takes blockbusters to Africa, and the future

“This is the most personal film I’ve ever made, which is the strangest statement to say because I only make films that are personal,” Coogler said. “This film for me started with this question of, ‘What does it mean to be African?’ It’s a question that I’ve always had since I learned I was black, […]

Arizona’s only black legislators chastised after race talk

“This article attempts to discredit this teacher because he may have introduced lyrics in the classroom written by a black entertainer,” Bolding said. “This article attempts to discredit this teacher because he ‘takes inspiration’ from a black civil rights activist. This article attempts to discredit this teacher because he ‘admires’ a professor that taught at […]

Now lawyer for Jeffrey Epstein victims says British witness will tell FBI she ‘vividly remembers’ seeing Prince Andrew with Virginia Roberts at Tramp nightclub – after royal denied dancing with ‘sex slave’ on night of THAT photo

Miss Roberts told Panorama: ‘The people on the inside are going to keep coming up with these ridiculous excuses. I mean, come on, I’m calling BS [bulls**t] on this, because that’s what it is. He knows what happened. I know what happened and there’s only one of us telling the truth, and I know that’s […]

SHOCKING! Sukumar’s Kumari 21 F Is A Rip Off Of French Film Lila Says

Gone are the times audience credit just the actors for the success of the film. These days moviegoers are also keen on knowing the technical heads behind the project and are being on the forefront in appreciating the real talents. Here comes the cons of this changed attitudes of audience.

Sky Views: Something really nasty is on the rise in America

There was pretty swift backlash against some of those who called the cops – including the ones mocked online as ‘Permit Patty’ and ‘BBQ Betty’ – and the swimming pool guy lost his job. The lawyer who threatened to call ICE has apologised and says he isn’t a racist.

The most innovative companies of 2020 in India

Udaan‘s mobile app connects 150,000 traders, wholesalers, and retailers in India, enabling small- and medium-sized businesses to do business directly with manufacturers. Right now, electronics and consumer goods are for sale on the app, and the company, founded by three former Flipkart executives, plans to make industrial goods, fresh fruits and vegetables, office supplies, and […]

How Björk broke the sound barrier

Shortly before his death, in 1992, John Cage said: “We live in a time I think not of mainstream, but of many streams, or even, if you insist, upon a river of time, that we have come to delta, maybe even beyond delta to an ocean which is going back to the skies.” Stream, delta, […]

Coronavirus lockdown: 8 tips to help you grow as you work from home

By Devashish Chakravarty You will spend a lot of time at home in the coming days through lockdown and extended Work-From-Home (WFH) while the virus battle rages. Use this opportunity to invest in life-changing skills to forever accelerate growth. Here are eight skills to invest in —two each from learning, execution, communication and mental leverage. […]