Girl’s adorable words for mum left ‘feeling like a monster’ after breast cancer op

“I wanted to be as honest as possible with them, so I said doctors had found a lump in Mummy’s boob that would make her very poorly if they didn’t remove it,” she said. “Straight away Sienna said, ‘Mummy have you got breast cancer?’ That moment will live with me for ever.” Then Grace asked […]

In talks with U.S. on H-1B visas; no official word on limits: MEA

Sources said the U.S. proposal was linked to a push by many governments for “data localisation”, in which a country places restrictions on data flows to gain better control over it, and curb the power of foreign firms. The plan, if implemented, would also apply to countries other than India, the sources said.

These two Gmail features are now available in Google Docs

NEW DELHI: Google has rolled out a new feature for Google Docs which will remind you of Microsoft Word. The tech giant has introduced the Smart Compose feature to Google Docs for all the G-Suite users. The Smart Compose feature comes with predictive text and auto-correct functionality like you have in Microsoft Word. The company […]

When my friend dumped me

I have often spoken about cutting out people from my life, and actively support this form of cleansing. I believe it’s cutting out toxicity. However, I did not think I would be the person who would be at the receiving end of this. I have cut off toxic friends… I have sat down with friends […]

Coronavirus outbreak: A time to give and get cuddles

Rajni Aggarwal, a pet parent in Delhi, says to protect her dog from stares and unkind comments, she now takes Poofu to a park a little further from her home. “If people won’t listen or believe, I’ll go the extra mile for Poofu. My mom is bedridden; Poofu does some mad thing or the other […]

Flu-Like Symptoms Force Closure, Sanitization Of DHS DPSS Office

While most DPSS offices are closed, a handful of centralized locations remain open to serve only homeless people and those who require immediate expedited service. Customers who must be seen face to face while the Desert Hot Springs office is closed can visit other nearby DPSS locations in Cathedral City or Banning, official said.

My Pillow’s Mike Lindell On The Private Sector Stepping-Up To Help The Country

CNN has organized a town hall for Joe Biden to discuss how he would handle the coronavirus pandemic. It’s complete propaganda considering he has no say over anything and there’s no way to test what he says. But Joe has so disappeared from the national stage that every little bit of publicity helps. The question […]

Choir practice turns fatal. Airborne coronavirus strongly suspected

Health officials said all 28 choir members who were tested for COVID-19 were found to be infected. The other 17 with symptoms never got tested, either because tests were not available or — like Comstock and Owen — the singers were under the impression that only people in dire condition were eligible.

The best minivans for 2020

The list of available tech features includes ones you might expect, like an 8.0-inch central touchscreen for the infotainment system, and a rear-seat entertainment system. However, the Odyssey can also tell passengers in the back seats exactly how much longer they need to wait before getting to their destination. It’s also offered with a camera […]

Amitabh Bachchan Hits Back At A Troll After He Accuses The Superstar Of Plagiarizing A Quote

Big B’s post read, “It’s not the strangest who survive, not the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change. ” ~ Ef k.” To this, a Facebook user wrote, “Very strange and sad to note that you have now resorted to plagiarism. This is a quote by Charles Darwin at least you could […]