Jury Selection Complete For Trial Of Ex-East Pittsburgh Police Officer Michael Rosfeld

Judge Alexander Bicket, from Allegheny County, who oversaw the jury selection, said he planned to revisit the decision on one of the jurors that was seated on the first day. The defense attorneys reportedly objected to one of the black women who was selected.

First 9 Jurors Selected In Dauphin Co. For Michael Rosfeld Trial

Protestors are not allowed to block certain intersections, including Boulevard of the Allies and Grant Street and Grant Street and First Avenue. Roadways, including the Parkways and Routes 28 and 51 are designated as red zones, being most critical. Protestors cannot block other red zones including hospital entrances or exits, bridges or tunnels.

Disney just ended the 20th Century Fox brand, one of the most storied names in entertainment

“Our new studio names and logos mark a new day for ABC Signature, 20th Television and Touchstone Television while honoring their rich histories and the creative power of The Walt Disney Company,” Craig Hunegs, Disney television studios president, said in a statement.

Coalition of Asian Pacifics in Entertainment Selects Executives For Annual CAPE Leaders Fellowship

Caroline Y. Mak | Manager, NetflixDuane Luu | Manager of Development, UCPJane Lee | Manager, Original Animation, Series, NetflixMaya Kambe | Director of Development, Animation, ParamountMohan Mandali | Junior Executive, Fabrik EntertainmentNayantara Roy | Development Executive, Endeavor ContentNick Hsieh | Film Development Coordinator, Get Lifted Film Co.Nikitha Menon | Director of Development, Ladies’ Car ProductionsTaylor […]

Priyanka Chopra finishes writing her memoir Unfinished, says every word ‘comes from a place of introspection and reflection’

The feeling of checking something off your “bucket list” gives you an indescribable sense of accomplishment…and that’s where I am in this moment. I’ve always wanted to write a book, but the timing never felt right. With each opportunity that presented itself, my first instinct was always to wait…because I wasn’t (and I’m still not) […]

BBC refuses to apologise for using N-word in report after furious backlash

“But, in this specific context we felt the need to explain, and report, not just the injuries but, given their alleged extreme nature, the words alleged to have been used – a position which, as we have said, was supported by the family and the victim.

Joe Biden selects his running mate with announcement coming as early as Tuesday

CNN had previously reported that Biden is also believed to be considering California Rep. Karen Bass, chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus, Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and Sen. Tammy Duckworth of Illinois, people familiar with the search say.

Hyper Scape Is Out Now: Season 1 Patch Notes Add Story Content

“Although we find having a slightly faster [time to kill] can be a good thing, we agree it should come more from balancing the Weapons rather than nerfing the Hacks,” Ubisoft writes in the patch notes. “Overall, the v0.5 nerf on Hacks was too severe. Like many of you told us, we also firmly believe […]

Former East Pittsburgh Police Officer Michael Rosfeld On Trial For Antwon Rose Shooting: Day 4 Live Updates

“The family members and supporters of Antwon Rose II know the pain of their own loss, but also have the the wisdom to understand that this battle is beyond their personal circumstance and truly about eradicating Police Brutality in American culture. They know this Trial has far reaching implications and it’s integrity is relied upon […]