‘It turns out the man charms, banters and schmoozes for a living’: what dual home working reveals about your partner

In the early days of our marriage, my husband explained one major factor behind his decision to marry me: “You do the talking, so I don’t have to.” (What can I say? I’m a sucker for a sweet-talker.) He is not a people person. Besides the global pandemic side of things, lockdown suited him perfectly: […]

Turn up the heat and get a work box: nine ways to improve your home working routine

Go outside We already know that spending all our time inside is bad for our brains, bodies and circadian rhythms. But why does being outside help us work better? “We can only focus for a certain amount of time,” says industrial designer Ingrid Fetell Lee. “But one of the things that is very successful at […]

Aamir Khan’s brother Faisal Khan slams Karan Johar, alleges he ‘destroyed’ his career

He went on to add that people used to refuse to take him to their office. Faisal said that the same people made him sit and wait in their offices without scheduling any apointments with directors.

UK workers’ wages fell 1% a year between 2008 and 2015, TUC says

The TUC data showed the UK was one of 21 countries where employees saw wages fall in the seven years after the crisis. Ireland was also among them, with a wage drop of 0.1%, putting it in 92nd place on the list. The largest drops in pay were recorded in Sri Lanka and Jamaica, where […]

Why we need to redesign résumés for the COVID era and the future of work

I don’t think a classic résumé will ever go away, as it is an effective tool when used correctly and under the right circumstances. But if the goal is to show new kinds of skills in a new way, consider embracing a digital portfolio, blog, or personal website as a way to showcase your story. […]

Pregnant Jenna Bush Hager hides her baby bump in a baggy sweatshirt while enjoying a post-work power walk with her twin sister Barbara – who was seen riding the subway just hours before

‘I am so proud that she had the courage to pursue a different career path and say yes to something that was uncomfortable for at the beginning, because it was unexpected. Because, now, look how far she has come.’

Where’s the worst place to be a worker? Most of the world

The index has the potential to become an extremely useful tool. Employment rights are fundamental to people’s ability to secure a better deal for themselves within the capitalist system, or at least to protect themselves from the most egregious forms of exploitation. The ITUC’s index will help to spotlight and apply pressure on governments that […]

‘My best friend of 20 years turned me down for a job. Is there any way to save the friendship?’

Part of why betrayals hurt so much is they make us feel we’ve lost the person we knew. But if we can understand what the betraying moment meant to the person who did it, or what reasons were motivating them that we couldn’t see at the time, we have a way of being able to […]

9 easy ways to set boundaries at work to improve your life

Of course, in your professional life, there’s the extra factor of how to meet your personal needs without putting your paycheck at risk. Responding to a boss or client who oversteps can be more stressful than dealing with a friend or partner where you feel like you’re on an equal footing.

Hate working from home? Here’s how to make it better

“Turn your brain off. Sometimes to be creative you need to stop thinking about what you are supposed to be working on,” said Glickman. “Building those breaks into your schedule where you actually do something other than work — you can do that during the day now.”