Home decorating ideas: Decorate and organize with storage baskets

Storage baskets do a great job of organizing laundry, craft supplies, toys in various rooms. With their straight forward functionality, these baskets are often overlooked as statement pieces in their own right. Our home decoration ideas are an attempt for changing that notion, as baskets are a budget-friendly, lightweight and a good-looking option that can […]

Functional tools and accessories for your home office

Adding accessories will make your home office much more inviting. Use the wall space No matter the size, you can maximize the efficiency of your home office space by utilizing every surface. One can turn walls into spaces for to-do lists, brainstorming, inspirational words/art, etc by using marker boards and/or chalkboards. A magnetic board that […]

Podcast: Simple ways to start working out at home and stay healthy by Dr Anjali Hooda

Even as gymnasium and fitness centres have resumed their functioning in Unlock 3.0, it comes as no surprise that people are still very much hesitant to go back to their previous fitness routines of sweating it out in a gym. The pandemic is still looming large and working out in closed, confined spaces (with other […]

Life Hacks by Charles Assisi: Winning the work-from-home war

When I embraced working from home a few years ago, after the initial euphoria, I hit roadblocks too. One big one was that, at work, my mind was in a certain zone with certain people; at home, it moved into another zone, with another set of people. Now, here I was, expected to juggle both […]

Home fragrances to give your home an aromatic ambience

The fragrance of your home undoubtedly impacts the overall feel and entire ambience of your space. A pleasantly-fragranced home will create a calm vibe in your space and offer a heavenly sensory experience that everyone will enjoy. As we all are spending much more time indoors, it is fitting to create a warm and inviting […]

Wall-mounted work desks that are perfect for small spaces

With the extra drawer space, this wall-mounted desk is an ideal pick as a work desk for small spaces. Wall mounted desk with folding table top Another modular design that can be folded back inside the wall, this work desk is crafted from high grade, termite and fungus resistant engineered wood. The wall mounted desk […]

Smart desk organizers for your work from home set-up

The smooth, rounded edges will ensure that this organizer is safe to use for everyone in the house. Letter tray organizer in black For letters, files and documents, this tray shaped organizer would be perfect. This desk organizer is made of durable steel wire mesh that offers partial see-through visibility in an industrial style model […]

Stacey Solomon shares easy tip for getting her boys to do their homework on time – and it always works

“She’s really good, my mum, at being like ‘it’s not worth worrying about, you could spend the rest of your life worrying about whether you did the right thing by your kids but as long as your intentions are good, that’s what’s important. Nobody’s perfect!’”

The 43 best movies on Disney+ right now

Further reading New on Disney+ How to download movies and show from Disney+ Best movies on Netflix Best movies on Amazon Prime Best movies on Hulu X-Men: Days of Future Past If you’re going to watch any film from the primary X-Men franchise (i.e., not Logan or the Deadpool movies), make it X-Men: Days of Future Past. Bryan […]

Notes On The Season: Oscars Nix Screenings; Emmy Controversy?; Drive In Campaigning; Nominees Stay Home

But we begin today with news about Oscar season and word that, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences is continuing its shutdown and will not be holding any in person events through the end of the year – at the very least. Notably this means there will be no in-theater member screenings in Los […]