New Zealand, Ireland could fill ECB void in 2021 if World Test Championship is cancelled

The ECB is currently scheduled to host six Tests in 2021, at least five of which will involve England and India. But with uncertainty over the viability of holding the World Test Championship (WTC) final at Lord’s in June as planned, the ECB has explored contingency plans. Those plans involve inviting at least one other […]

New Zealand’s booming film and TV industry in a ‘golden era’ thanks to Covid safe haven

There’s faith that any party politics is something the sector can transcend – the industry-led working groups set up on the former forward-thinking initiatives are a hallmark of a sector “starting to grow up”, Durey says.

New Zealand’s big role in saving Tokelau’s language from extinction

“Even if you can’t speak Tokelauan now, do it, it’s never too late. Not knowing how to speak the language doesn’t mean you’re not a Tokelauan – no one will ever take that heritage from you.”

Face masks no longer required on Air New Zealand flights at alert level 1

Ardern confirmed on Monday it had been Air New Zealand’s decision to enforce mask use on all domestic flights over the past two weeks, even though they had only been required on flights to and from Auckland under the government’s level 2 rules.

The New Zealand passport – the ‘powerful’ little black book everyone wants their name in

Another person who certainly feels Kiwi but officially isn’t is Phil Weiss. Born in the UK to a German father and English mother, he manages to hold both UK and German passports, a rarity as Germany does not allow dual citizenship. However, there is a loophole which allows children of German citizens born in a […]

Author recounts family’s escape from Nazi-occupied Vienna to New Zealand

Palmerston North-born Rothwell, who lives in Auckland, has written a new book, Against All Odds, which tells the tale of her family’s escape from Vienna to live in New Zealand when Europe was coming under the influence of Nazi Germany.

‘Nomadland’ Wins Toronto People’s Choice Award, But What Does It All Mean For Oscar? Plus, TIFF Wrapup As New York Fest Gets Going

Related Story New York Film Festival Puts Tradition Into Turnaround To Meet The Drive-In Moment The People’s Choice winner at TIFF, since a streak that started in 2011, has been guaranteed at the very least an Oscar nomination for Best Picture, and in some cases like Green Book, Slumdog Millionaire, and others a Best Picture win. […]

Confidence from playing for India rubbed off on Agarwal in IPL

“Even here he told me don’t have to do anything extraordinary, just keep trusting your skills and execute them. He asks me to go out and enjoy the game. Before the last game, he said you are batting great and just look to get into good batting positions. If you are striking well, make sure […]

Wanderlust: Why we need more protection for migratory animals

The incredible journeys of migratory animals  Slow food Famous for their parental devotion, emperor penguins lay their eggs a good 100 kilometers from the Antarctic ocean where they feed. Mother and father must take turns to travel across the ice, fill up on fish, and make the long shuffle back to regurgitate it for their […]

Landlords racing to beat the return of loan-to-value restrictions

“The economy is showing signs of growth across a wide range of indicators and additional stimulus to the housing market is definitely not needed, whilst for businesses it is confidence in the future which will drive willingness to borrow and invest, not an extra 0.5 per cent off already low borrowing costs,” he said.