Google will keep employees working remotely until July 2021

Google had previously announced plans to reopen some offices for a limited number of employees starting on July 6th, but it made the return to physical offices optional. Pichai made the decision to establish a more specific time frame for remote working in part to give Google employees with families more certainty about how long […]

Coursera to allow remote working till January 2022, offers $1,000 allowance for ‘office setup’

In a blog post, Rich Jacquet, Chief People Officer of Coursera said that giving all employees more time to work from home offers the flexibility they need to adjust to new routines brought on by the pandemic, like home-schooling and plan the next 16 months with a clear timeline.

Hate working from home? Here’s how to make it better

Many workers feel pressure to mimic the 9-5 workday at home. But working remotely offers you a little more flexibility with your time. Your employer doesn’t expect you to work eight hours straight every day. Take breaks. You will be a better worker for it.

Coronavirus pandemic: Working virtually? Swap skyrises for ocean views, says Bermuda

When the coronavirus pandemic hit and office workers were asked to work remotely, Abbie Shepherd saw it as an opportunity to swap London’s skyrises for something more exotic. Shepherd, who is chief of staff at Cameo, which sells personalized messages from celebrities, saw an advertisement on Facebook for Bermuda’s $263 one-year residency certificate for digital […]

Return to work is too late to save city centres, says British Retail Consortium

The latest footfall figures from Springboard showed that the number of people visiting high streets rose by 2.6% last week, while Barclaycard said a 9% increase in transactions in restaurants and bars meant its measure of consumer spending had edged above pre-pandemic levels.

Remote learning is costing parents a fortune

Anna Brewer’s 8-year-old son started third grade in Chico, California, a few weeks ago, but his public school isn’t holding any in-person classes. Since she and her husband don’t work from home and don’t have family nearby to babysit, their son is taking his remote classes from a daycare center at a local church where […]

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings Doesn’t See ‘Any Positives’ in Working from Home

He told the Journal that he would like to see employees return “twelve hours after a vaccine is approved.” He added: “It’s probably six months after a vaccine. Once we can get a majority of people vaccinated, then it’s probably back in the office.”

Preparing for the future of work

A new place to workOne of the most obvious future changes will be our working location. There are already companies that are allowing people to work from home permanently. Fujitsu has announced a ‘Work Life Shift’ initiative that will encourage flexible hours and working from home as the norm. It follows a move from Facebook […]

Working parents face backlash

Speaking of working parents…with some schools going fully remote, some bringing kids back into the classroom and some offering a mixture of both, many parents are being forced to piece together a learning plan for their kids — and it’s proving to be very expensive.

Nicola Sturgeon urges Scottish people to ‘work from home’ – setting her on major collision course with Boris Johnson’s ‘back to the office’ message AGAIN

‘But I am also acutely aware that if we lose the battle to keep Covid under control then that’s not good for the economy because we end up going back and having to put parts of our economy back into lockdowns.’