Worker Exposed to 9/11 Toxins Continues to Suffer, Neglected by US Government

“It has been a nightmare. I was diagnosed with severe asthma, chronic sinusitis and I also had intestinal digestive issues and kidney disease. Now, I have chronic laryngitis,” said Gentile, a wife and mother. “It has affected my family drastically financially and emotionally. And no, I have not been compensated.” It is estimated that about […]

Child-free workers aren’t selfish. They’re being exploited

Parents and other caretakers absolutely do need to be accommodated in this moment. But this emergency is going to stretch on for many more months and could go for another year or more. It should be up to the employer to figure out how to manage that sustainably, not up to workers to redistribute already […]

Robert Reich Says Elon Musk Blocked Him on Twitter As He Calls Out Tesla’s Treatment of Workers

He said: “Musk makes a big deal about giving workers shares of stock in the firm. What he doesn’t say is he’s threatened to take away the stock if workers exercise their legal right to form a union, which, I might add, is itself an unfair labor practice.”

The world’s top suppliers of disposable gloves are thriving because of the pandemic. Their workers aren’t

For workers, life can be just as hard off the factory floor. Auditors who visited a Kossan hostel described rooms accommodating 48 people with piles of rubbish, razor blades and broken furniture strewn everywhere. “There is often a single bathroom and toilet for up to 25 workers, so they have to get up 2 or […]

Nursing Home Workers Were Underpaid, Overworked, and Denied PPE. And Then COVID Hit.

Traditionally, caregivers organize when the people they care for are at risk—and at almost no other time. Perhaps this moment is different. I want an America where caregivers demand and can receive the basic dignity they offer without feeling like they are stealing it from someone else. To strike, health-care workers have to send a […]

Roofer sacked while on approved leave awarded $23,000 compensation

The authority said there was no wrong address on the letter cast doubt about Young’s claims that he sent people to Murphy’s home and there was also no evidence suggesting Murphy worked for someone else during his leave, as he was visiting his partner’s grandmother in Levin.

Few jobless tourism workers enjoy relief aid amid Covid-19

Lan Phuong, a tour guide for Korean tourists, said that she received VND1 million last week. “I had to stay home for two months because Covid-19 broke out again in late July. But I only received the one-month allowance as compensation earlier this year,” Phuong said, adding that she was luckier than many other tour […]

Coronavirus in Germany: Angela Merkel praises ‘key role’ of health workers

Decentralized pandemic measures widely accepted Reinhard Sager, the president of Germany’s counties (Landkreistage) association, said Tuesday that local health office tracing of COVID-19 patients, testing and containment — despite deficiencies — was recognized among local populations.

More cannabis use not what the construction sector needs

If recreational use of cannabis is allowed in the September referendum, then construction companies will also be required to introduce pre-selection drug testing of employees – many are already doing this – and the issue then also becomes one of finding and hiring enough drug-free workers who can pass the pre-employment screening.

Bengal doctors’ body wants compensation for all healthcare workers dying of COVID-19

“Imagine the situation of the public if these doctors [on non-COVID-19 duty] decided to stay home, imagine the situation if gynaecologists decided to stay home. When the [compensation] guidelines were framed back in March, one hadn’t thought there would be asymptomatic carriers or that there would be community transmission. As for community transmission, we still […]