Cornflakes for lunch! German parents say open school before mum goes nuts

“It is OK that you have a screaming kid in the background or a dog running around,” she said. “Now I am talking about my kids with my team quite a lot so they can see it is possible to have kids and responsibility in the company.”

Trump administration to direct $35M in grants toward housing for human trafficking survivors

The announcement is expected to come at the beginning of a White House roundtable event hosted by adviser to President Trump Ivanka Trump, who will be joined by Attorney General William Barr, as well as other Justice Department officials for domestic policy and human trafficking, and executives from organizations that combat human trafficking.

Sashidhar Jagdishan to take over as HDFC Bank CEO from Aditya Puri

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has given approval to HDFC Bank to replace its CEO Aditya Puri with Sashidhar Jagdishan. Aditya Puri, who has been at helm of HDFC Bank since 1994, will move out from office in October 2020 after turning 70. Jagdishan will take over on October 27, 2020 for a period […]

Minneapolis Police Department Says It’s ‘Fully Operational’ As Crime Surges, Police Activity Declines

“People in this area, they’re not experiencing slow response, they’re experiencing no response. They’re being told that this is called a no-go zone by MPD,” Council Member Andrea Jenkins said at a City Council meeting Friday, according to the Star Tribune.

Sudden rise of online higher education

While we are all worrying about how the COVID-19-related lockdown and switch to online in higher education will affect the future of higher education, one can’t avoid the sneaky question: Whether we are making a big fuss about something which will vanish soon and life will go back to the one we have all got […]

NEP can help make India a knowledge-based economy | Opinion

Pre-primary schooling in the early years of a child is the building block to acquiring FLN skills. The policy’s emphasis on ensuring school readiness and making pre-primary education accessible to every child is welcome. The curricular and pedagogical structure has been reconfigured from 10+2 to 5+3+3+4 to take young children into the schooling fold. Children […]

High School Responds To ‘Public Controversy’ Over Black Layoffs

“Though Principal Daly offered no response to the issues of racism that they raised, his prompt elimination of their positions, and his decision to appear at the White House soon after, served as a clear response, and spoke plainly that racism can occur with impunity at Saint Vincent de Paul on Daly’s watch,” the letter […]

Trump Administration to Announce $35 Million Housing Grant for Trafficking Victims

Attorney General William Barr will join a roundtable at the White House on human trafficking with Senior Advisor to the President Ivanka Trump, White House Special Adviser for Human Trafficking Heather Fischer, and leaders of organizations founded to help trafficking victims.

How new apps protect the health and privacy of employees

41% have root detection41% include some level of name obfuscation 29% include string encryption 18% include emulator detection 6% include asset/resource encryption 6% include class encryption Guardsquare recommends that mobile app developers use a layered approach to security, including code hardening to protect code at rest and runtime application self-protection to protect apps in use. […]

An inclusive, circular economy, Jevons paradox and a sustainable future

Businesses should not wait for government directives to change. They need to lead on sustainability issues or risk a declining brand reputation and the accompanying loss of financial investment. By adopting circular principles, businesses can generate additional value from their materials and assets, create more efficient operating models, reduce operating costs, develop long-term service-based relationships with […]