Google will keep employees working remotely until July 2021

Google had previously announced plans to reopen some offices for a limited number of employees starting on July 6th, but it made the return to physical offices optional. Pichai made the decision to establish a more specific time frame for remote working in part to give Google employees with families more certainty about how long […]

Coursera to allow remote working till January 2022, offers $1,000 allowance for ‘office setup’

Online learning platform Coursera will allow its employees to opt for remote working till January 1, 2022. Additionally, employees will also receive $1,000 (Rs 73,500 approximately) or the local equivalent in the UK, India, Canada, Bulgaria, and the UAE to create a productive home environment.

Hate working from home? Here’s how to make it better

Many workers feel pressure to mimic the 9-5 workday at home. But working remotely offers you a little more flexibility with your time. Your employer doesn’t expect you to work eight hours straight every day. Take breaks. You will be a better worker for it.

Coronavirus pandemic: Working virtually? Swap skyrises for ocean views, says Bermuda

When the coronavirus pandemic hit and office workers were asked to work remotely, Abbie Shepherd saw it as an opportunity to swap London’s skyrises for something more exotic. Shepherd, who is chief of staff at Cameo, which sells personalized messages from celebrities, saw an advertisement on Facebook for Bermuda’s $263 one-year residency certificate for digital […]

Return to work is too late to save city centres, says British Retail Consortium

Manpower said stronger demand for construction, finance and manufacturing workers meant its jobs outlook had improved from a 28-year-low of -12 to -8 over the past month, but added that the tough employment climate for retail and hospitality workers had not changed.

Remote learning is costing parents a fortune

The church daycare lets her drop her son off early enough so she can get to work on time and lets him stay till 5 p.m. He starts his day with three hours of Zoom classes, then is expected to do his school assignments on his own, she said. At home in the evenings, Brewer […]

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings Doesn’t See ‘Any Positives’ in Working from Home

“No. I don’t see any positives,” Hastings said when asked about the benefits of working from home. “Not being able to get together in person, particularly internationally, is a pure negative. I’ve been super impressed at people’s sacrifices.” He added that remote work makes “debating ideas” harder to do.

Preparing for the future of work

Work in the future will be very different to work in the past and making the transition will present managers with some challenges. However, it also offers some significant opportunities to overhaul working practices, supporting employees who work from home with better collaboration and more intuitive access. The “Everywhere Enterprise” is not a passing phase, […]

Working parents face backlash

“In all of this, we’re shifting away from the ’employer-choice’ model to ’employee-choice.’ Think about it — as employees we’ve always been told what time to come in, where to work, even what to wear! Moving forward, we have to respect the employee’s choice, let them take the responsibility for how they work and give […]

Nicola Sturgeon urges Scottish people to ‘work from home’ – setting her on major collision course with Boris Johnson’s ‘back to the office’ message AGAIN

‘But I am also acutely aware that if we lose the battle to keep Covid under control then that’s not good for the economy because we end up going back and having to put parts of our economy back into lockdowns.’