Wednesday briefing: Exam warnings date back to July

Plastic harming soil’s tiny stewards – Microplastic pollution causes significant damage to soil-dwelling mites, worms and other tiny creatures that maintain the fertility of the land, research has found. The study notes that discarded bags, cups, threads and other forms of plastic waste are concentrated more in the earth than the oceans, and the organisms […]

Celebrity deaths in 2020: Famous faces lost this year from Chi Chi DeVayne to Dame Vera Lynn

Dame Vera, who is most remembered for her songs We’ll Meet Again, The White Cliffs of Dover, A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square and There’ll Always Be an England, began performing at the age of seven in local working men’s clubs, taking her maternal grandmother Margaret Lynn’s maiden name as her stage name at 11..

Iran striker Mehdi Taremi joins FC Porto

“I was thrilled to sign for FC Porto, as this is a great club, and the transfer made me happy. It has been great for me. This is a dream-come-true. Everyone knows FC Porto, both players and fans of the sport. FC Porto is one of the greatest clubs in the world,” he added.