Former Unaoil manager sentenced to five years over Iraq bribery

Basil Al Jarah, Unaoil’s 71-year-old former country manager for Iraq, who pleaded guilty last year, will be sentenced in October and Paul Bond, a 68-year-old former sales manager for energy services company SBM Offshore, faces a retrial in January after the jury could not reach a verdict in his case.

Former Unaoil manager gets three-year jail sentence over Iraq bribery

(Reuters) – A former manager of consultancy Unaoil was sentenced to three years in jail by a London court on Thursday – the second Unaoil executive to be jailed for bribing an Iraqi official to secure a $55 million oil deal after the fall of Saddam Hussein in 2003.

MC Insider: String of exits at private lender, hurting Chinese ownership, deadly COVID secrets in banking and more

One of the top private banks was flirting with cash-rich private equity funds for several months to gain some confidence capital. In the end, the PE funds gave it a pass. What happened? Market grapevine has it that the CEO lost patience with the hard bargaining by the investors. The bank is still hopeful of […]

Boz the Bluster gets hammered in PMQs ‘whack-a-mole’

The rest was just white noise. Boz the Bluster couldn’t understand why Labour wasn’t giving him more applause for the 25% of people it was managing to reach through its “world-beating” track and trace system rather than negatively focusing on the 75% of people it was missing. It’s hard to know which is the icing […]

Mauritius races to clean up tons of oil as damaged ship is at risk of splitting apart

Fuel was being airlifted Monday by helicopter to the shore, but efforts to pump more from the hold were being thwarted by rough seas and strong winds. Satellite images show a dark slick spreading in the turquoise waters near wetlands that the government called “very sensitive.”

To save the Postal Service, bring it online

A U.S. Postal Service validated email address tied to a confirmed identity could eliminate the need for many uses of postal mail today to confirm that individuals actually reside where they say they do. Such an email address could serve as a validated, unique identifier, replacing the social security number for most purposes that do […]