Inside Elle Macpherson’s quirky world: From odd wellness treatments to a romance with a disgraced anti-vaxxer… and an ugly vitamin war

While Elle told her Instagram followers that the Super Booster ‘really works’, the product has a caveat which states: ‘If symptoms persist, talk to your health professional. Supplements may only be of assistance if dietary intake is inadequate.’

She survived Auschwitz to become a world-renowned psychologist. Now 92, in a wise and provocative new book, Dr EDITH EGER says . . . Unlock your mental prison and learn to love your life

Falling in love is a chemical high. It feels amazing, and it’s temporary. When the feeling fades, we’re left with a lost dream, with a sense of loss over the partner or relationship we never had in the first place. So many salvageable relationships are abandoned in despair.

‘I’ve only got six outfits that fit me!’: Pregnant Dani Dyer displays her baby bump in black dress and reveals her battle to find maternity clothes

‘Makes our day seeing you!’ Pregnant Dani Dyer shares a… Dani Dyer reveals a glimpse of her blossoming baby bump in… Danny Dyer wears a skull face mask to fill up his Porsche at… EXCLUSIVE: Love Island star Jack Fincham caused damage to a…

Feature: Indian doctor working in wartime China remembered as eternal bond between two countries

The All India Dr. Kotnis Memorial Committee (AIKMC) was founded in the same year, led by Bejoy Kumar Basu, another doctor in the five-man team from India, known as Ba Suhua to the Chinese. “After functioning for more than 25 years, activities of the AIKMC gradually stopped. But DKMC in West Bengal has been continuing […]