World leaders vow to coordinate virus response in video call

The global death toll from the virus, which in most cases causes mild to moderate flu-like symptoms but for some, especially the elderly and those with existing illnesses, can lead to pneumonia and death, has climbed past 22,000 and the number of infections has surpassed 480,000, according to a count kept by Johns Hopkins University.

China looks for inner richness

The overall aim, an ambitious one, is to sustain the next 30 years of growth. China is wary of the so-called “middle-income country trap” under which few countries join the ranks of the rich because growth slows in the absence of technological and productivity improvements. This means China will want to continue to integrate with […]

REVEALED: The Australian workers who could be next to lose their jobs as the coronavirus pandemic creates the biggest economic crisis since the Great Depression

‘The union has heard from members that some worksites are not changing their practices or setups to meet the hygiene and safety measures that have been advised by medical authorities and mandated by the government,’ he told AAP.

As the pandemic rages, time for a results-based G20 remedy

G20 leaders should also address export restrictions some countries have introduced to hoard supplies. Unchecked, such protectionism can lead to chain reactions of reduced global supply, price jumps, and further export restrictions for essential equipment like ventilators, for which seven countries account for 70% of world exports. Poorer countries that lack their own production capacity […]

India may see up to 13 lakh cases of COVID-19 by mid-May, scientists warn

Citing multiple studies, the researchers said the number of people in the country without an insurance policy stretched to about 1,100 million as of 2014, with the number of men and women with hypertension, one of the major risk factors for death from COVID-19, being more than 300 million people.

More-than-expected fall in global growth, domestic issue affecting market

It is coming in as a long-term investor and plans to reinstate the banks in the future. Equity capital will be restructured to Rs 5,000 crore in which SBI will invest 49 percent of the company at Rs 10 per share. Initial ball mark suggests that SBI will invest about Rs 2,450 crore fresh equity […]

Unemployment and underemployment rise, as wages and gender pay gap stagnate

Key points:ABS figures show 13,500 jobs were created last month — 46,200 full-time jobs were added while 32,700 part-time jobs were lostThe participation rate rose to 66.1 per cent, causing the unemployment rate to rise as more people joined the search for workEconomists say the jobs numbers are consistent with weak annual wage growth of […]

U.S. coronavirus cases surpass 100,000 as doctors cope with medical shortages

The number of confirmed U.S. infections rose by about 18,000 on Friday, the highest jump in a single day, to more than 103,000. The United States has led the world in coronavirus cases since its count of known infections eclipsed those of China and Italy on Thursday.

Big business is accused of not supporting news during coronavirus crisis by refusing to run ads alongside the stories that are consuming the world

‘We are not demonetizing coronavirus-related content. As always, eligibility for monetizing content on Facebook, including COVID-19 content, is subject to our existing community standards and content monetization policies including fact-checking and restrictions on certain types of content.’ 

Coronavirus latest updates: India to participate in WHO ‘solidarity trial’, says government

Centre asks states to arrange food, shelter for migrant workersThe Centre on Thursday asked state governments to arrange food and shelter for migrant workers who are facing difficulties due to the 21-day lockdown announced to check the spread of coronavirus. “We have asked the state governments to arrange food and shelter for the migrant workers. […]