Here Is How Banks Have Responded To The FinCEN Files Investigation

Deutsche Bank:“This is not new information to us or our regulators. The presented issues which relate to Deutsche Bank date back to the years prior 2016, we ourselves reported them to our regulators and authorities and they have been to a larger part reported on by the media. We acknowledged past weaknesses in our control […]

Deadly Terror Networks And Drug Cartels Use Huge Banks To Finance Their Crimes. These Secret Documents Show How The Banks Profit.

One step would be to require companies to disclose their owners to the Treasury Department, rather than allowing people to hide behind a shell company. Lawmakers are debating a bipartisan bill that could address that for small companies. The National Federation of Independent Business has opposed it, saying it raises privacy issues and would increase […]

Vision and development goals of Vietnam

This classification has been used by many international organizations and countries to define the terms of aid (such as: identifying grants or loans; determining interest rates and fees), preferential regimes when joining free trade agreements, rights and obligations to participate in cooperation programs, etc. The OECD’s Development Assistance Committee distinguishes between two groups of countries: […]

Database needs more secured exploitation for economic growth

In March 2020, a hacker went online to boast about owning a database of 41 million Vietnamese Facebook accounts (past schools and workplaces, addresses, full names, and Facebook ID). Not long after that, on Raid Forum, a file with confidential information of over 163 million Zing ID accounts was uploaded for free. This was a […]

Standard Chartered’s Problems With Suspicious Clients Didn’t Go Away. Just Like These Two Ex-Employees Had Been Saying.

The Dubai office is where Chandra once worked and where he had first grown uneasy about Standard Chartered’s systems for thwarting financial crime. And the Straight-to-Bank system had been identified by Knight when he tried to call attention to problems at Standard Chartered. His documents show Knight mentioned the system in a presentation he prepared […]

Coronavirus: UK economy grows 2.1% – less than half the rise expected

Jeremy Thomson-Cook, chief economist at Equals Money said: “So much for the V-shaped recovery. The UK GDP data released this morning shows August’s rate of growth fell to a third of what it was able to reach in July, confirming that the UK’s recovery is not V-shaped.”