AFL news: All the happenings in the footy world during the coronavirus-enforced stoppage

“There has been what I would call an explosion of staff in the football department but … we’re trying to make the game better and I think that’s what we’ve done as a coaching group over the last 10 or 20 years,” Harvey said on Fox Footy Live.

This fitness social network assists athletes without profiting off their data

With more than 50 million users and another 1 million joining each month, fitness social network Strava—which allows runners, cyclists, and other athletes to upload and share workout stats and routes—knows all the best trails and circuits. But instead of selling targeted ads, the company makes money through premium subscriptions that include services to help […]

World Health Day: Getting Healthy The Easy Way

10. Sit Down And Eat With life becoming faster, meals have become smaller and ‘quicker’. Many of us chose to eat on the go, which health experts suggest is not a great habit for one’s health because it has been pointed out that people consume more food and overall calories if they ate while walking […]

Beloved Detroit Tigers star Al Kaline dies at 85

“I finally convinced them I was the guy who just signed a bonus contract for the enormous sum of $15,000. That was a lot back then,” Kaline recalled in a 1999 documentary about Tiger Stadium, which he called “the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen in my life.”

An asthma sufferer, sprinter Noah Lyles is taking extra precautions amid pandemic

The former Youth Olympic champion was set to compete in his first Olympic games in Tokyo this summer. After initially saying there was “no Plan B,” organizers and the International Olympic Committee then announced that the games would be postponed until 2021 starting on July 23 next year

Study suggests MLB postseason baseballs included those made prior to 2019

Generally, this is not really a scandal. Sometimes a business runs into unanticipated problems and steps need to be taken to account for them. MLB was cryptic about the baseball, however. As mentioned, Manfred consistently denied anything had changed until so much evidence had mounted that it became undeniable. Further, the inconsistency in MLB’s messaging […]

Joakim Noah’s California summer could make Bulls a contender

Noah listened and made little changes. “We gotta adjust your hook angle,” Penberthy told him. “We gotta get you a floater, a little bit of a runner because of the depth of your pick-and-rolls. Your dribble spin move can be out of control, we gotta slow you down.” He and Penberthy practiced footwork and decision-making […]

Floors and Ceilings: Bulls, Thunder among hardest NBA teams to predict

Indiana Pacers Floor: Nate McMillan abandons the idea of playing faster when the Pacers can’t stop anybody or space the floor. Slowing down does not help them get stops, as Myles Turner fails to grasp the intricacies of team defense and Al Jefferson looks even slower than he was in Charlotte. Monta Ellis doesn’t take […]

Coronavirus lockdown: 8 tips to help you grow as you work from home

By Devashish Chakravarty You will spend a lot of time at home in the coming days through lockdown and extended Work-From-Home (WFH) while the virus battle rages. Use this opportunity to invest in life-changing skills to forever accelerate growth. Here are eight skills to invest in —two each from learning, execution, communication and mental leverage. […]