World Cup 2006: part one

Although these numbers may yet change over what already looks like a busy summer for transfers, it is notable that 30 English clubs are represented – including 10 currently playing outside the Premiership and two more (Birmingham and West Brom) who will be next season. Arsenal and Chelsea lead the way with 16 players each […]

Qatar World Cup timing decision put back to early 2015

Salman said the fact the World Cup was being held in Qatar had acted as a catalyst to improve the rights and conditions of migrant workers. Investigations have revealed a shocking number of deaths among workers from Nepal and Salman said: “I think because of the World Cup, this issue is being addressed and looked […]

Best of IPL: Bowlers with the best economy rate over the years

The word economy is an inextricable part of the Indian Premier League (IPL). After all it is the one of the biggest money spinners that the game of cricket has ever seen and has changed the fortunes of Indian cricket forever. This is a primary reason that, while several big ticket tournaments have been postponed […]

The 15 best series to watch on Amazon Prime

13. One Tree Hill This vintage classic follows the lives of two teenagers fighting for the attention of their father. Dan Scott (Paul Johansson) fathered two sons with two different women and they are worlds apart, both in looks and in personality.

‘Virtual’ doesn’t have to mean second best. Your remote team can outrun traditional ones

One of the many tips I’ll talk about during the webinar is the introduction of “Yodas” into your team—named for the wise Jedi master in Star Wars. These are people on your team who are assigned the role of “truth teller” in the remote meeting. When your meeting starts to feel bureaucratic, unproductive, or downright […]

This is the best foldable phone concept we’ve seen so far

Two of the sections fold into each other like a typical foldable, while the third section folds back – it’s essentially a combination of ‘innie’ foldables like the Galaxy Fold with the ‘outie’ of the Huawei Mate X. This combo design allows it, even while folded up, to present a typical smartphone-sized main display (6.65 […]

These Best-Selling Bluetooth Trackers Are 40% Off — Today Only!

If you’re in a quiet environment, though, you can use the app’s map to see where the Sticker is (as long as the tracker is within 150 feet). And if you’re out of the 150-foot range, the Tile app still remembers when and where you left the Sticker, so you can always backtrack to where […]

Neymar back in action at Red Bull Five World Final

Bengaluru, July 18: Brazil star Neymar took to the field for the first time since his injury at the Copa America as Hungary and Slovakia were crowned crowned champions at the Red Bull Neymar Jr’s Five World Final in Praia Grande, Brazil while for India’s Team Kalina Rangers Mumbai, it was a great learning experience.

Best Buy discounts these (must-have) LG and Samsung 4K TVs

55-inch Samsung NU6900 Series 4K TV — $350, was $380 The Samsung NU6900 Series 4K TV is ideal for homeowners who want to upgrade their home entertainment hubs without splurging on a television that’s two or three times more expensive than it needs to be. It’s simple, sleek, and on the more affordable end of […]

Experience: I manage the last Blockbuster in the world

The final store closures happened so fast. At the end of 2017, there were seven Blockbusters left in the US, but by early 2019 it was just us and one other store in Perth, Australia, in the world. When they closed in March it was bittersweet. We were happy to be the last store, but […]