The Polish Government is Attacking LGBTQ People. These Activists are Fighting Back.

While liberal politicians used to claim to be “neutral” on queer rights struggles, last month, a group of Polish opposition MP’s came to parliament dressed in the colors of the rainbow, in order to protest the government’s openly hateful rhetoric. “If the current government falls,” said Lewandowski, “we will probably get rights that we have […]

Psaki, next White House press secretary, a veteran messenger

John Adams signed a sedition law prohibiting “malicious writing” about the president and executive branch. Abraham Lincoln imprisoned editors during the Civil War, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt admonished a journalist to go to the corner and wear a dunce cap. Early in Bill Clinton’s term, the corridor between the briefing room and the press secretary’s […]

EXCLUSIVE: Colleagues of Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh fear his addiction to nitrous oxide whippets, burning candles and Grey Goose vodka could be behind explosion that led to his death – as it’s revealed he was ‘barricaded’ in a shed when blaze broke out

He sold the company to Amazon in 2009 for $1.2 billion, but continued as CEO. He was worth an estimated $840 million yet lived in an Airstream trailer in Las Vegas. He had a passion for llamas and alpacas and the area he lived in in Vegas became known as Llamapolis.

FTSE 100 rallies by 1.2% or 79 points to 6,463 after regulators approve Pfizer vaccine for UK rollout but pound falls against dollar over No Deal Brexit fears

Debenhams said it would continue to trade through its 124 UK stores and online to clear its current and contracted stocks, while the Arcadia Group, which includes brands such as Topshop, Dorothy Perkins and Burton, also said stores would continue to trade.