Back to school: 7 ways to win at online learning

“We tell our parents, ‘If you are feeling overwhelmed, you need to let us know,’” Gonyea said. “We want to help all families connect and support their children in their educational paths. We are looking to help them resolve the (connectivity) situation or get new technology all together.”

Fact check: False Hitler quote on “World War 3”

Some social media users have been sharing a quote misattributed to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler with his alleged view on the start of “World War 3”. The posts claim that Hitler considered America’s Black citizens the “true Hebrews” and further claim that Hitler’s death would prompt a new global conflict. This is inaccurate.

Who do you get to finish George A Romero’s zombie novel? A lifelong fan

“I wouldn’t even call it a dream come true because I had never even dreamed of it. It was beyond anything I would have thought possible,” says Kraus, of the call. He had once met Romero, 10 years before he died, having been introduced by Roe, who went to the same high school as Kraus […]

Science explains why we’re so much more bold online, especially now

Deal with triggers in a healthier way There are some tried-and-true tips to get back into empathy whenever you feel swirled into a virtual firestorm. Always run your responses through the lens of “Would I say this to this person face-to-face?” And if a comment or post triggers anger in you, take a moment and […]

Raspberry Pis hide narrative in the city to complete offline book

“E-books are incredibly convenient and portable, but we lose that sense of a relationship with a physical object,” Abba told “We wanted it to feel like it was something you owned, that you took away with you—your journal, diary, companion throughout this two-and-a-half-week story experience, and that’s critical. There’s something about not just making […]

Where now for travel? Lonely Planet closures point to an uncertain future

Certainly, the closure of Lonely Planet’s original headquarters in Melbourne is the end of an era. It was in Melbourne that co-founders Tony and Maureen Wheeler set up shop in 1973 after finishing their epic overland journey from London across Asia to Australia. They published an account of the journey in Across Asia on the […]

The best cheap laptop deals in August 2020

If you’re punting a bit higher than $200, you’ll be opening yourself up to more RAM, moving from 4GB to 8GB in most models, meaning your cheap laptop will be able to open programs faster, generally retrieving information and multi-task in a more streamlined manner. You’ll also be picking up far more storage for your […]

I predicted I would die in labour but doctors wouldn’t believe me – but my heart stopped and my premonition saved me

Seven hours after being brought back to life, I had a hysterectomy, before doctors confirmed I’d developed placenta accreta. Astounded, but so grateful to be alive, I finally got to meet my son.

Away from school pressures, children who defy gender norms blossom at home

Many schools already facilitate name and pronoun changes. In addition to creating safe bathroom and locker room options and not dividing kids by gender for lineup or lunch, Halpern suggested curricula tweaks like math lessons: There are 24 students in the class and six are non-binary; what percentage is non-binary? Or switching up examples: A […]

Uncovering forgotten female artists: French archive aims to rewrite art history

Famous feminists and the struggle for equality Laurie Penny (*1986) Laurie Penny of Britain is considered one of the most significant feminists of our time. Her works “Meat Market” and “Unspeakable Things” criticize the sexualization and sexual suppression of women and the idea of romantic love. Penny works as a columnist and journalist for “The […]