Stacey Abrams: GOP Suppressing Vote Because They Know ‘World Changes’ if Trump Loses

She said while the Voting Rights Act did not fix democracy, it was extremely effective in allowing black and brown people to build coalitions with white voters. Abrams said Republicans realized it was so effective in getting Obama elected that they immediately started to dismantle the Voting Rights Act because “more people of color were […]

Malaysia changes form of trial for foreign fishermen encroaching its waters

Hanoi (VNA) – Director of the Terengganu Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) Suffi Mohd Ramli on June 29 said the making of decision to detain foreign fishermen who conduct illegal fishing activities in Malaysia’s waters will be conducted through online meetings, instead at the court as in the past. The move aims to prevent the spread […]

We need geeks, not James Bonds, for post-Covid world, says French spy chief

For some it is hard to imagine the jump from decoding for fun to working for the secret services. But Matthieu Lequesne of the National Research Institute for Digital Science and Technology (INRIA), and one of the co-organisers of the competition, said that “behind the maths, logic, computer science, the stakes are political”.

World’s oceans are warming quicker and deeper, scientists say

Roemmich’s group, separately from Gleckler’s team, has estimated from the data that the oceans’ heat may be increasing only by thousandths of a degree Fahrenheit per year, but that the “warming signal” extends down beyond 6,500 feet. It is most noticeable in the oceans of the Southern hemisphere, the researchers said.

Wildfires engulfing the west coast are fueled by climate change, experts warn

“One of the tragedies is the lack of social resilience when the flames come,” he said. “Often, fires burn through low-income areas and the loss of an uninsured home is an overwhelming one for people there. Communities like that need to be very engaged with fire services to plan evacuation routes.

Fourth week of anti-racism protests fuels call for change

A 23-year-old who only gave her name as Victoria, and was attending her third BLM demonstration, said: “When I come to these protests it is such a release, it almost feels like peace – you have family, you have people who want to understand and it’s like a community.”

Berlin metro to complete change of derogatory station name by year-end

BVG said on Friday it would change the station name, amid a worldwide reckoning with buried legacies of racism and colonial crimes underpinning many western societies, sparked by the death in the United States of George Floyd, a Black man, at the hands of a police officer.

Europeans’ trust in US as world leader collapses during pandemic

“Europeans now have to live with the knowledge that, despite all the structures we have put in place to protect ourselves at the EU and global level, our continent can move from complacency to full economic and social shutdown in a matter of weeks. This realisation may have profound consequences for the way that Europe […]

Unreliable data: how doubt snowballed over Covid-19 drug research that swept the world

On 2 May, two weeks after the study appeared online, a doctor in Peru wrote a white paper for the government about the use of ivermectin to treat Covid-19, heavily citing the preprint Surgisphere study as evidence. Peru reported its first Covid-19 case on 6 March, but by the beginning of May it was in a state of […]

Surgisphere: governments and WHO changed Covid-19 policy based on suspect data from tiny US company

Brigham and Women’s Hospital, the institution affiliated with the hydroxychloroquine study and its lead author, Mandeep Mehra, said in a statement: “Independent of Surgisphere, the remaining co-authors of the recent studies published in The Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine have initiated independent reviews of the data used in both papers after learning […]