How times are changing in Havana

The one area where she would welcome change though is in teachers’ salaries, currently around $30 a month. Under Cuba’s complicated dual currency system, her wage is paid in local Cuban pesos. As such, her purchasing power is well below that of those earning money in the country’s hard currency, the ‘convertible peso’ or CUC.

Australian newspaper cartoon depicting Indians eating solar panels attacked as racist

“Neither cartoonists nor journalists should be required to exempt certain groups within society from this general rule when expressing their views. I don’t want to be protected from anybody’s views, especially not from those I find personally repugnant, because it’s often when finding yourself in violent disagreement with certain ideas that you’re best able to […]

How Japanese sushi offensive sank move to protect sharks and bluefin tuna

“Japan clearly mobilised massive efforts to keep fisheries out of Cites,” Mark W Roberts, the senior counsel and policy adviser for the Environmental Investigation Agency, told the Associated Press. Japanese officials flooded the conference floor, offering advice to supportive delegates.

Izaskun Chinchilla: ‘If we free up space in cities, we can plant trees’

But size matters: if these green spaces are small and scattered, they won’t be as effective. Only 13% of urban trees in the UK are in areas bigger than 0.25 hectares; they need to be 10 to 35 hectares to support wildlife. We have to fight against the building of “hard squares” – the large, […]

Gaz Beadle cradles pregnant girlfriend Emma McVey’s belly as they enjoy Scottish babymoon… after defending herself against trolls who branded her small bump ‘unhealthy’

‘I was sent videos of how he was acting on Geordie Shore. I’d never seen him like that because I’ve never watched the show. I couldn’t get my head around what had happened. I got messages saying he’d done this and that. It’s safe to say I lost it.’

Warriors’ Eric Paschall has bigger things on his mind than All-Rookie team

The Warriors have intimated that, for Paschall to have a chance at the closing lineup next season, he’ll need to improve upon his 28.7% 3-point clip. Five days a week for the past several months, he has been at Chase Center working on shooting drills designed to help him heighten the arc of his shot […]

‘Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ EPs On Tonight’s Series Finale, Legacy Of Marvel Show & Fulfilling Their Mission Statement

WHEDON: Because we were only going to glimpse the idea that they had already had it and that it was already in place and they were trying to preserve it. So, we felt was a way to give the audience something that they wanted. Something that we wanted and that they wanted too, and a […]

Islamic State group: Europe has ticking time bomb in prison camps

According to the German magazine Der Spiegel, German officials believe that a third of its nationals currently in the camps – a total of 27 men and women – are “capable of carrying out violent acts including terrorist attacks”. This, it says, explains the German government’s reluctance to bring them home.

Activists slam council for approving £37million upgrade of memorial building to British imperialist Cecil Rhodes in Oxford that was site of demonstration during BLM protests

Who was Cecil Rhodes and why is he so controversial? Cecil Rhodes, pictured, who died in 1902, was the founder of the De Beers diamond company who was accused of exploiting his black miners. He was also a proponent of racial segregation which led to the Apartheid strategy in South Africa

‘Johaar’ review: A commendable attempt

At a crucial juncture in debut director Teja Marni’s Telugu political-social drama Johaar (streaming on Aha), political leader Vijay Varma (Chaitanya Krishna) explains how funds can be gathered, or rather diverted from the allocated budget, with an analogy. If he’s in need of ₹100 and usurps the whole amount from his father, he’s likely to […]