Bosnia-Herzegovina hit by wave of violent protests

Thousands of Bosnian protesters took to the streets in the centre of Sarajevo on Friday, setting fire to the presidency building and hurling rocks and stones at police as fury at the country’s political and economic stagnation spread rapidly around the country.

Lebanese government quits following Beirut port explosion

At least six MPs have quit their seats, and others were expected to follow. The scramble to replace Diab is expected to be led by former prime minister Saad Hariri, who stood down last November in the wake of street protests following an economic collapse that had electrified the country and paved the way for […]

Beirut explosion: anger at officials grows after missed warnings

The revelation that government negligence may have played a role in the worst explosion in Beirut’s history fuelled new anger towards Lebanon’s political class among a population already seething at an ongoing financial crisis that has sunk half the country into poverty. Demonstrators in downtown Beirut attacked the convoy of former Lebanese prime minister Saad […]

Mexican airport site emerges as major graveyard of Ice Age mammoths

Lead archeologist Ruben Manzanilla explained on Tuesday that around 24,000 years ago mammoth herds reached this spot where sprawling grasslands and lakes would have enticed them to reside. “This place was like a paradise,” he told Reuters, noting that as the last glaciers melted a wide range of mammals – including ancient species of camels, […]

2019 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport Will Pace The Indy 500

Long Beach Red Metallic Tintcoat with unique GM Design Indy 500 decal package. Full Length Racing Blade Silver Dual Stripes. LT1 6.2-liter V-8 DI aluminum engine with 460 horsepower and 465 lb-ft of torque. 8-speed paddle-shift automatic transmission. Dry-sump oil system. Performance suspension with Magnetic Ride Control. Brembo® carbon ceramic brakes. Grand Sport aluminum wheels: […]

How Europeans see a vote for Brexit

Sylvie Goulard, a French centrist MEP who has just published a book, Goodbye Europe, on the lessons to be learned from David Cameron’s recent “new deal” in Brussels, is in favour of Britain staying in the EU and has observed two phenomena in the campaign. “First, I’ve noticed that the government and Mr Cameron seem […]

Real-Life Cops, and Me

In an era when all TV shows have age-suitability ratings and content guides, the vigor with which adult cop shows of the 1970s were marketed to children seems shocking. But in fact, immense energy was invested in embedding those series in the collective consciousness of children. Dell published 15-cent Mod Squad comic books, and Topps […]

They’re baaack: EBR students report to first day of school

The school is also the home of BR FLAIM II. It’s an expansion of BR FLAIM — Baton Rouge Foreign Language Academic Immersion Magnet — located a mile north on the edge of downtown. BR FLAIM II will grow until the traditional Polk Elementary School is phased out six years from now.

The Latest: India records another 89,000 new virus cases

Officials of the private university said they have linked a spike of the coronavirus to off-campus gatherings. The Peoria university is requiring students to limit nonessential interactions, stay in their off-campus apartments, residence halls and take classes remotely beginning Tuesday.

Mexican Airport Site Emerges as Major Graveyard of Ice Age Mammoths

ZUMPANGO, MEXICO – Amid busy construction crews racing to build an airport in Mexico, scientists are unearthing more and more mammoth skeletons in what has quickly become one of the world’s biggest concentrations of the now-extinct relative of modern elephants.