Idles v Fat White Family: what the indie showdown tells us about class

It touches on one of the more complex and stubborn aspects of inequality – that few of us actually identify with the class to which we belong and are therefore loath to be dictated to on how to vote – and speaks of an enormous oversight on the part of the media when individuals such […]

Fist of gold: Vietnamese Muay Thai queen recounts world championship quest

Currently, Ly is focusing on SEA Games 2021, scheduled from November 21 to December 2 in Hanoi. Though she had previously won two SEA Games gold medals in Myanmar and the Philippines, next year’s tournament will be more special since she will be fighting on home turf.

Meet the Trump University Teacher at Center of Class-Action Suit

Lignell says he knew Mark Dove prior to joining Trump University, but he can’t say for sure if it was Dove who brought him on board. “The seminar business is kind of a small world. People know each other, so when Trump was building his business or starting his business, they were looking for a […]

Volvo Deploys World’s First Pedestrian Airbag

That system uses radar to detect pedestrians in front of the car and predict whether he or she will step in the car’s path. A similar “collision warning” system can also apply the brakes if it detects the driver is headed toward a probable car crash, and can avoid disaster even with vehicle speed differences […]

The killing of large species is pushing them towards extinction, study finds

“I’d be suspicious of just saying ‘stop eating them’ because while unregulated hunting is definitely a bad thing, there are species hunted like white-tailed deer that are doing just fine. Megafauna are the rock stars of the biodiversity world, so they get the money and fame. There are lots of other species that do a […]

Ten black history events that should be taught to every pupil

2. The Bristol bus boycott A watershed moment in the UK’s civil rights struggle was a boycott of the Bristol bus network after 18-year-old Guy Bailey was turned away from a job interview at the state-owned Bristol Omnibus Company because he was black. The policy was an open secret at the company and was legal […]

Drugs mule who swallowed 99 bags of cocaine caught out by Heathrow Airport X-ray

Oliveira told officials that he was in Britain for nearly a month as part of a “dream” visit and was staying in a tourist hotel in London. He said he has bought his ticket months before in March but checks revealed he had only purchased his ticket three days before.

Wolfwalkers review – an exquisite Irish animation masterpiece

Ireland’s Cartoon Saloon might not have the name recognition of Pixar or Ghibli. But make no mistake, this is a world-class animation studio. Wolfwalkers is the latest from Tomm Moore, here sharing the directing credit with Ross Stewart, who worked on Moore’s previous pictures The Secret of Kells and Song of the Sea. And it’s […]

England Goes Back Into Lockdown After COVID-19 Cases Pass 1 Million

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced similar measures Saturday in his country, including a national mask mandate, a curfew, a prohibition on mass gatherings, and the shuttering of non-essential businesses like bars and movie theaters. Travel within the country will not be restricted, as it was in the spring. Unlike England’s new rules, Greece’s lockdown […]

These are the best cheap 4K TV deals for November 2020

Do I need an OLED TV or a QLED TV? QLED TV and OLED TV are two terms thrown around a lot, but what do they mean? Put simply, they’re the name of two different screen technologies that are a step up from the LED display on your current HDTV or 4K TV. Both deliver […]