‘Tintu a world-class athlete’

“Going under two minutes has given her a lot of confidence already, that’s the biggest gain,” said Usha, from Split on Saturday night, a little after Tintu’s strong run in a world-class field that broke Shiny Wilson’s 15-year-old National record.

Idles v Fat White Family: what the indie showdown tells us about class

It touches on one of the more complex and stubborn aspects of inequality – that few of us actually identify with the class to which we belong and are therefore loath to be dictated to on how to vote – and speaks of an enormous oversight on the part of the media when individuals such […]

Fist of gold: Vietnamese Muay Thai queen recounts world championship quest

Though passionate about martial arts since childhood, becoming a Muay Thai boxer happened by chance. Ten years ago, she participated in a small tournament in her hometown of the northern Bac Giang Province and accidentally caught the eye of coaches training a Hanoian Muay Thai team. They called her a “raw diamond” because of her […]

Meet the Trump University Teacher at Center of Class-Action Suit

Most students, he insists, were not elderly, but rather in their 40s or 50s — the kind of person “who has realized that their job isn’t gonna take them through retirement like they had planned. They have to make a change and some of them are going off the cliff,” Lignell says. “There are people […]

Volvo Deploys World’s First Pedestrian Airbag

The pedestrian airbag inflates across one-third of the windshield and raises the back of the car hood as soon as the bumper detects a collision with a person. Such technology could cut down on lethal encounters between humans and cars that lead to U.S. pedestrians making up 12 percent of all traffic fatalities — a […]

The killing of large species is pushing them towards extinction, study finds

Conservationists have called for a radical overhaul that would require an end to mass deforestation and the setting aside of a third, or maybe even half, of the world to nature. Looming challenges posed by climate change and a rapidly increasing human population will also have to be met if the losses are to be […]

Ten black history events that should be taught to every pupil

After the armistice, they were moved to an army base in Taranto, Italy, and tasked with loading ammunition and cleaning clothes and latrines for white soldiers, who were given a pay rise. Broken by this final indignity, the soldiers mutinied. One was executed, others jailed, and they were excluded from the victory parades that marked […]

Drugs mule who swallowed 99 bags of cocaine caught out by Heathrow Airport X-ray

Oliveira told officials that he was in Britain for nearly a month as part of a “dream” visit and was staying in a tourist hotel in London. He said he has bought his ticket months before in March but checks revealed he had only purchased his ticket three days before.

Wolfwalkers review – an exquisite Irish animation masterpiece

In common with Moore’s previous two features, Wolfwalkers is defiantly pagan; these stories are rooted in a time when animal and human spirits are like tendrils intertwined. There are tensions between the town (rendered in hard angles and sturdy, pikestaff lines) and the forest (soft, wafting curlicues of leaves and light). And thanks to her […]

England Goes Back Into Lockdown After COVID-19 Cases Pass 1 Million

Coronavirus cases in England sailed above 1 million for the first time Saturday with no signs of slowing, and new infections across the United Kingdom and Europe are surging. Wales instituted a 17-day lockdown a week before the announcement from Downing Street.