How Europeans see a vote for Brexit

Sylvie Goulard, a French centrist MEP who has just published a book, Goodbye Europe, on the lessons to be learned from David Cameron’s recent “new deal” in Brussels, is in favour of Britain staying in the EU and has observed two phenomena in the campaign. “First, I’ve noticed that the government and Mr Cameron seem […]

Former EPA head talks clean power, nuclear, and Bush’s climate reversal

All these things are things that people can understand. Climate change is kind of an esoteric issue, and when you’re worried about whether you can stay in your home, whether you’re going to be able to pay your mortgage, whether your kids are going to get an education, or that you’re safe, talking about climate […]

Princeton’s President Is Wrong. The University Is Not Systemically Racist | Opinion

Among the measures the president proposes is to “assemble a faculty that more closely reflects both the diverse make-up of the students we educate and the national pool of candidates.” So we must ask: Are there “too many Jews?” “Too many Asians?” Members of which groups, exactly, must give up seats they earned on merit […]