World-class wine-tasting event coming to Ningxia in 2021

“This is the second time that this kind of international wine event has been held in China. After Beijing, we are heading for Ningxia, China’s most promising wine region, which most certainly has some amazing surprises in store for us,” said Thomas Costenoble, CEO of the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles.

Everything you need to know about Mendocino wine

One pleasant discovery from my time in Anderson Valley was the 2016 Riesling from Phillips Hill Winery ($25). It embraces the lush, heady side of Riesling, packing stone fruit and honeysuckle flavors, but is still crisp and firm (and yes, it’s dry). Equally charming is the Phillips Hill tasting room, shown above, housed inside a […]

Wine’s diversity issue starts with the way we talk about the taste of wine

The conventional words used to talk about the taste of wine may be excluding large groups of people from wine, as both makers and drinkers. For starters: The vocabulary used for fine wine is nearly exclusively rooted in flavors and aromas familiar to western Europe. This idea came up a lot in recent discussions about […]

Australian drinkers in China philosophical about wine tariffs

“Australia’s got a big tax on their wines already so it doesn’t really matter,” Goodey, who hails from Australia’s Gold Coast, told Reuters. “People, if they want a bottle of wine and they like the wine, they don’t mind paying a bit extra.”

Lose weight with the world’s top 10 diets – from keto to Slimming World

BREAKFAST: 2 eggs, half an avocado and 1-2 tbsp olive oil 2 eggs with 4 bacon rashers and grilled tomatoes Egg, tomato, basil and goats cheese omelette Sugar free yoghurt with natural peanut butter, cocoa powder and stevia. LUNCH: Baked chicken served with fried bacon, shredded lettuce and grated Parmesan cheese Fried salmon served with broccoli, butter and […]

Master class on Italian wine held

Speaking about winery, Zanella says: “Ca’ del Bosco prides itself with its unique, original technology of the special corking machine that eliminates oxygen prior to corking. The oxygen-free process and environment reduce sulfites to the lowest level, resulting to healthier and tastier wines.”

Sunshine Horizon – The prosperous symbolic twin towers in the heart of District 4

Sunshine Horizon – The prosperous symbolic twin towers in the heart of District 4 Moreover, 4.0 smart technologies at Sunshine Horizon assures a modern and contemporary lifestyle for all residents to enjoy. It can be summarised, Sunshine Horizon is a place worth living at and is open to multi-generational families, successful businessmen, young couples, and […]

Ancient monuments, vibrants cities and sun-drenched beaches: Four reasons Crete tops this summer’s Greek island hotlist

Explore the historic monuments, hike its steep mountains and wander the bustling town filled with restaurants, bars and beaches – and you’ll soon see why Heraklion is Crete’s most popular region.

15 of the best easy rural escapes from UK cities

There is more to Sheepleas than flowers. More than 30 species of butterflies have been recorded and there is an excellent display of grasshoppers and crickets. Birds are plentiful and include marsh tit, bullfinch, nuthatch and treecreeper. Sheepleas is also an excellent area in which to get lost. The reserve covers 270 acres of varied […]

Buckingham Palace wants to stop Prince Charles’ butler from calling himself ‘royal butler’ (… well, the Queen did ban Harry and Meghan from using ‘royal’ when they quit official duties)

‘The umbrella company that produced the line, Richards & Appleby, has had financial difficulties due in part to years of Brexit insecurity. As a result, it has been winding up many of its associations, which included us. Joan hopes a buyer will come along that has the ability to realise its full potential.’