Wreck of ironclad German warship SMS Grosser Kurfurst that sank in the English Channel after being rammed by a friendly vessel in 1878 added to National Heritage List for England

Duncan Wilson, chief executive of Historic England, said: ‘This historic shipwreck tells the story of Germany’s increasing naval strength in the late-19th century at a time when Britain and Germany were on friendly terms.

Beirut explosion: anger at officials grows after missed warnings

In an interview with Radio Free Europe on Wednesday, the ship’s captain denied there were problems with the ship and said it was detained for failing to pay port fees. The International Transport Workers Federation, which sought back wages and repatriation for the crew, confirmed that the ship was being held in part because it […]

The Myth of the Central Park Five

Two doctors from Metropolitan Hospital would have been called, one of whom testified at the criminal trial. He would have said, as he did to the Wall Street Journal in 2014, that he thought that there were wounds caused by a sharp-edged instrument, and not just the blunt trauma from the rock and branch admitted […]

‘Cuties’ Review: A Coming-of-Age Movie Caught in the Culture Wars

None of which stopped people from claiming that the movie is softcore porn (it isn’t), and that Netflix’s marketing scheme was an absolutely boneheaded, wrong-footed, self-defeating move (guilty as charged). Petitions were circulated, right-wing pundits weighed in, Ted Sarandos issued a mea culpa and Doucouré received death threats. Suddenly, a sensitive coming-of-age movie became a […]