The wondrous life and mysterious death of Golden Eagle 1703

Just like mercury in the ocean, these rat poisons have seeped into ecosystems far and wide. A 2018 study from the California department of pesticide regulation found detectable levels of second-generation anticoagulants in roughly 85% of mountain lions, bobcats and Pacific fishers that were examined. Birds of prey, including eagles, are especially at risk for […]

Making Sense of Italy’s Staggering COVID-19 Death Toll

The fear was that if tests were too easy to get, everyone would rush to their doctors for them, potentially infecting scores along the way. Now, anyone with a fever or other symptoms is just told to stay home and quarantine for 14 days, even if they have come in contact with a COVID-positive person. […]

Qatar report into migrant death toll due

“The Qatari government has assured us they will make reforms to the sponsorship system and bring forward a law for the protection of domestic workers, where sexual abuse of women is at its greatest,” said Richard Howitt MEP, a British Labour member of the subcommittee.

Doha forced to break silence on Qatar’s migrant worker deaths

Up to now, information on how many of Qatar’s estimated 1.2 million migrant workers are dying has been limited to the Nepalese. That is partly because it was easier for NGOs to count the number of coffins returning to Kathmandu airport than those being repatriated to a huge country such as India. As with workers […]

Coronavirus: ‘Greatest test since World War Two’, says UN chief

In India, the authorities are searching for hundreds of people who attended a religious event in the capital that has set off several Covid-19 clusters In the Middle East, there are warnings that the outbreak is a ticking time-bomb for the unstable region

Kim Jong Un’s Assassinated Half-Brother Knew His Life Was in Danger Months Before Death

Living in exile in Macau, China, under the protection of the Chinese government, Kim Jong Nam had previously survived other assassination attempts. In 2012, he reportedly sent his Kim Jong Un a letter begging for his life, the Times quoted Lee Byung-ho, the director of the South’s National Intelligence Service, as saying.

Qatar World Cup timing decision put back to early 2015

Salman said the fact the World Cup was being held in Qatar had acted as a catalyst to improve the rights and conditions of migrant workers. Investigations have revealed a shocking number of deaths among workers from Nepal and Salman said: “I think because of the World Cup, this issue is being addressed and looked […]

Homicide Ruled In Death Of Baby Floating In Ocean

“The only evidence that we could tell you about is that there is a heel prick in the foot,” Strivelli said. “The umbilical cord had been cut and clipped, things that would lead us — the medical examiner — to believe this child was born in a hospital or a birthing center, medical facility where […]

Global virus deaths mount as US surpasses China’s official toll

While much of the world shuts down, the ground-zero Chinese city of Wuhan has started to reawaken in recent days, giving the bereaved the first chance in months to bury their dead. – AFP

US coronavirus deaths top 4,000, surpass China, as White House projects 100K to 240K virus-related deaths

Accusations of covering up unfavorable news to protect its image are nothing new to the Chinese Communist Party, which has a penchant for secrecy that has hampered containment efforts in the past. When the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) epidemic broke out there in late 2002, the Chinese government was accused of failing to take […]