Coronavirus cases exceed 1 million, wreaking world havoc

Criticised for unpreparedness, Britain promised a tenfold increase in testing. That is crucial to enable frontline healthcare workers to carry on knowing they are uninfected or potentially for people to return to work if they have had the virus and gained immunity.

V, L or ‘Nike Swoosh’? What the world after Covid will look like

By Michelle Jamrisko and Simon Kennedy Economists are serving up a menu of alphabet soup in trying to forecast the world economy’s recovery from what is set to be the deepest recession since at least 2009 and perhaps since World War II. A V-shape in which the rebound is as swift as the slump was […]

As the coronavirus triggers a global economic crisis, just how bad could it get?

“It may be a plausible strategy to say: We need to make sure we don’t have these huge supply chains that stretch around the world, we need to make things at home, ” he says. “And that’s something which would pander to the Trump and Brexit narrative.”

Left Economy, Right Economy

Sarah Mahler surveys the same economic landscape and sees an entirely different story. The Reno-based veterinarian said she was concerned about the country’s economic direction. “We’re behind,” Mahler told me. “We’re behind where we were before the recession in terms of earnings, and my state and my county are feeling a huge crunch right now […]

Breakingviews – Meaning of U.S. jobs market data mutates

It seems bizarre that economists polled by Reuters are forecasting that the employment report for March will show just 100,000 fewer positions than in February and a jobless rate still under 4%. Sure, that would be a big swing from 273,000 jobs added a month earlier. But even if the losses come in at, say, […]

1,000,000 cases in world and India’s supply woes: Covid-19 news today

In less than 100 days in 2020, the Sars-Cov-2 virus has infected a million people and killed 50,000, ripping through 203 countries in a rampage that will have a deep economic, social and psychological impact. India, where infections have crossed 2,000, is battling an immediate fallout of a virus-induced lockdown. Amid a supply crunch of […]

Japan’s economy shrinks as tax rise hits spending

Others were more optimistic. “We believe real GDP will return to growth exceeding potential,” in the next quarter, said Kyohei Morita and Yuichiro Nagai of Barclays, noting in a report that leading economic indicators have started to turn up already, such as public works and housing construction orders.

Pakistan, Bangladesh try to stop Friday prayers to avert coronavirus spike

“In the greater interest of saving lives, a decision to ban the prayer congregations at mosques has been taken following a meeting of clerics from all schools of thought. Islamic Sharia allows it,” said Syed Nasir Hussain Shah, Sindh’s minister for local bodies and information.

Italy’s social security website hit by hacker attack

Tridico said he had told the police of the cyberattack, which has raised doubts about the security of Italy’s digital infrastructure as it struggles with the coronavirus emergency. He did not mention a data breach.

India PM plans staggered exit from vast coronavirus lockdown

Railway police personnel maintain safe distance as they wait to donate blood at a camp to tackle the blood shortage during a 21-day nationwide lockdown to slow the spreading of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) at the closed Howrah railway station in Kolkata, India, April 2, 2020. REUTERS/Rupak De Chowdhuri