World Autism Awareness Day: explaining a pandemic to individuals with special needs

For their eyesIt is also helpful when all changes in their schedule are communicated effectively and repeatedly. A lot of therapists and educators have taken their classes online to help families, but access to behaviourists and occupation and speech therapists may not be the same as before. “Routines are essential and need to be effectively […]

World economy may shrink 2.6% in 2009: UN

Although the crisis originated in developed countries, “it is now evident that developing countries are being hit disproportionately hard through capital reversals, rising borrowing costs, collapsing world trade and commodity prices, and subsiding remittance flows”, it stated.

2011 World Cup: This is what happened to MS Dhoni’s bat which he used in the final against Sri Lanka

The bat entered the Guinness World Records and the Limca Book of Records after it was sold for 100,000 pounds ($161,295 or Rs 83 lakh) on July 18, 2011. The bat was bought by Amit Bhagchandka, chief executive officer (CEO) of RK Global, a financial broking firm. Dhoni later autographed the bat.

UN secretary general: recovery from the coronavirus crisis must lead to a better world

Far from flattening the curve of infection, we are still well behind it. The disease initially took 67 days to infect 100,000 people; soon, 100,000 people and more will be infected daily. Without concerted and courageous action, the number of new cases will almost certainly escalate into the millions, pushing health systems to breaking point, […]

Coronavirus tech conference cancellations list: Apple WWDC, Microsoft Build, E3, NAB, Gartner, Dell World and more

While we won’t know the coronavirus’ effects on the overall nature of work for some time, one sector of the tech economy that’s felt an immediate impact is industry events. Whether as a result of travel bans, laws banning large gatherings, or an abundance of caution, tech conferences are being canceling, postponing, or converted to […]

Victor Davis Hanson: US leads coronavirus fight — world looks to America now and for recovery

The radical increase in American natural gas productions helps explain why the U.S. has made more progress in reducing carbon emissions than the signatories of the Paris climate accord. That voluntary agreement has had little success in curbing the planet’s largest carbon emitters. Even as the U.S. registered robust economic growth of nearly 2.5 percent, […]

Breakingviews – Seoul’s virus tests yield false economic positive

The containment efforts are being held up as a global model. As early as January, weeks before a major outbreak erupted in the southeastern city of Daegu, authorities started mobilising to find out who had contracted the disease. This included fast-tracking regulatory approvals, setting up drive-through screening centres and aggressively tracing and isolating patients and […]

What the World’s Top Chefs Are Cooking Up at Home During the Pandemic

“Tonight, my husband made a nourishing soup from chickpeas he had soaked the night before, a turkey stock he made from a carcass we had frozen after Thanksgiving, chopped cabbage and spices. This meal is representative of what I think our future dinners will look like. The soup is made from affordable pantry superstars: cabbage, […]

India to record 7.9% growth this fiscal: UN

The report of the UN Department for Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) noted that the global economy is slowly rebounding from the worst of the recession but said most of the developed economies remained “lacklustre” and could not provide “sufficient impetus to the global economy.”

Exclusive: Hackers linked to Iran target WHO staff emails during coronavirus – sources

The latest effort has been ongoing since March 2 and attempted to steal passwords from WHO staff by sending malicious messages designed to mimic Google web services to their personal email accounts, a common hacking technique known as “phishing,” according to four people briefed on the attacks. Reuters confirmed their findings by reviewing a string […]