In testing COVID times, India got record investment; world sees it as trustworthy partner: PM Modi

The prime minister said two years later, in 2022 India marks 75 years since Independence and urged the PanIIT movement to set an even higher benchmark for “giving back to India”. In his address at the summit organised by the PanIIT USA, Modi said, “I know that many of you mentor your juniors in choosing […]

Happy birthday, Gen Z: celebrating with 16-year-olds around the world

Turning 16 feels like you get more freedom and responsibility. My parents are separated and I’m not that close to my mum any more, but I have a good relationship with my dad, and he trusts me. I’ve always been more mature than the people around me. I can get my driving licence this year, […]

LAC standoff | India approaches China bilaterally, with the challenge of global rebalancing, says External Affairs Minister

As I said, don’t take an incident as the ultimate yardstick of judgment. Problems will happen. I mean, show me any two neighbours between whom there are no problems. Most of our neighbours today are democracies. The point is, they have their politics, we have our politics, there will be issues. The question is, how […]

Will Erdogan Complaint About Anti-Turkish Conspiracy Become Self-Fulfilling Prophecy?

There are increasing signs that Turkey’s NATO partners are tiring with Erdogan’s assertive geopolitical ambitions and irredentist claims against his neighbors. “The totality of Turkey’s policies and actions have now reached a point of dangerous escalation,” according to analysts Heather Conley and Rachel Ellehuus of the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), a research […]

Africa’s environment ministers pledge support for green COVID-19 recovery

“In overcoming the pandemic, we can also avert climate catastrophe and restore our planet. I congratulate ministers on their deliberations this week on a green recovery program for the continent. I call for international solidarity and for the domestic realignment of resources to fund the green recovery,” said Inger Andersen, UNEP executive director. Enditem

Hunt for missing British hiker in the Pyrenees could be called off ‘until spring’ due to bad weather as her aunt says the family are feeling ‘distraught and utterly helpless’

Last May, Dan reflected on what she must have gone through. ‘I never really appreciated how hard it was for her to go home alone, to an apartment full of our shared life with no guarantee that life would resume,’ he said. ‘It takes strength to be the one left behind.’